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Your Advisors

Advisors are WeatherWool field representatives and will be happy to hear from you. They are available by telephone, email or in person by appointment. People often want to see WeatherWool up close, touch it, try it. A nearby Advisor can make that happen.

Many of the Advisors are well known, and many of them have significant followings on social media, television, lecture circuits, books, Youtube and their own websites. And as a group the Advisors have widely varied backgrounds ... some are young, some not exactly young ... many different professions, and many different reasons for being outdoors in the weather.

Our Advisors have extensive knowledge and experience of WeatherWool and the outdoors, and can discuss your particular needs. Advisors understand what great wool can do, and want to spread the word. Advisors pass ideas and knowledge to us as well as to our customers ... we rely heavily on our Advisors to help us improve our products. And of course Advisors will pass to us their own ideas as well as the ideas of customers.

The Advisors also have areas of specialty. For example, Chad Borofsky has been on the Ski Patrol at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont since he was a kid. It was Chad who suggested we make a Ski Jacket, and he was the lead designer. Advisor areas of specialty and location are shown on the Advisor pages, and you can filter/search. 

    Please use the "FILTER" (below left) to select Advisors by Location or Specialty. Just click the "Filter button" to see a list of specialties and locations. If there is something you are looking for that is NOT there, please let me know.


    • Looking for someone in Arkansas? Set the filter to ARKANSAS
    • Want to talk about Canoeing? Set the filter to CANOEING
    • Search by Advisor name ... Set filter to FIRST NAME or LAST NAME

    Some Advisors don't want their contact info out in cyberspace. If an Advisor is listed only by first name and location, please contact us and we will pass your request along to the Advisor, who will be happy to work with you.

    If you speak with an Advisor (or Advisors) but place your order directly with us, please let us know.

    And if you would like to become an Advisor, please give us a call. We feel that Advisors provide a great means to help our customers and help us grow.

    Thanks! -- Ralph

    19 September 2018

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