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WeatherWool Advisor Dan Dwyer, in Lynx Ski Jacket, is a farmer, pilot, marksman and hunter from North Dakota

Dan Dwyer


North Dakota

DanielDwyer2@yahoo.com, 701-400-4424

Specialties: Skiing, Hunting, Farming, Outdoors, Flying

Dan is a farmer in the Northwestern corner of North Dakota, and that means he deals with serious weather. Dan is also a pilot, skier and hunter. We first got to know Dan in 2014 during the development of the SkiJac. Dan is an all-around outdoorsman, and he wears his SkiJac for virtually everything he does, even outings in town. This picture of a beautiful mule deer and Dan in his SkiJac really shows how well Lynx Pattern matches the colors and textures of the prairie.

Please click here for more pictures and info about Dan's hunting and his very detailed and technical approach to long-range shooting.

20 June 2020