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19 February 2024 --- Ralph

Specific Product Pages will tell you exactly what sizes and colors we have on hand. We are shipping these products now:

  • Women's Blanket Coats ... Shipping now with good inventory.  If we don't have your size/color, please give us a call (we might not have put it on the web yet)
  • Al's Anorak ... MidWeight Drab green, with a smattering of other Fabrics
  • Watch Caps in Drab Green, Natural White shipping now
  • Basic Vests ... FullWeight and MidWeight Drab Green in all sizes.  Plus a few Black
  • ShirtJacs ... Shipping now in Drab Green, but not many left
  • CPO Shirts ... Most sizes in Drab Green.  Lynx Pattern in some sizes
  • Hooded Jackets ... Just a handful left
  • Peacoats ... Not many left, but some sizes/colors available
  • All-Around Jackets ... A smattering in various sizes/colors
  • Double Hoods ... almost all gone
  • Blankets ... A few in stock now


Please visit our Production Status page to see what's cooking.

Our production has continued to ramp up in 2023, and, barring the wild events of previous years, we'll have more production in 2024 than in 2023.  But it takes us a long time to make things ... a year or 18 months from when we buy raw wool until we ship finished garments.

Our production is trending towards fulfilling backorders rather than making inventory. So if what you want is not in stock, please place a SHIP ASAP backorder.

From mid-2018 until May of 2022, our production was seriously hampered by business closures (our contractors/vendors, but not us!). Since about May of '22, our entire production team is "in gear".  As we move into 2024, we have a lot of Fabric in the works with a lot of garments to follow.

Thank You -- Ralph


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