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WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter .. American made Merino WeatherWool Neck Gaiter, Balaclava, Scarf, Shemagh
Spectacular Naturally Colored Fine Merino from Andy McMurry's Genopalette Ranch is used by WeatherWool to make Luxurious and Warm Neck Gaiters

Neck Gaiter


Please Note: At present we are completely sold out of Neck Gaiters, but we hope to have more before the end of November or December.

We expect the price for the Black, Drab and Duff Gaiters will again be $65 when they become available.

And we are working on making Undyed, Natural-Colored Gaiters in Black/Brown and Natural Cream (typical sheep color). We expect the price for the Naturally Colored Gaiters will be $95.

You can indicate interest in any of the Gaiters by ordering now, with price of 0. When the Gaiters are ready, we'll get in touch and you can then decide what you want to do. If you are outside USA and Canada, the shopping cart software may add a shipping charge to your $0 order ... if so, we won't accept payment, or you can use the Contact Form or telephone to get on the wait list. 

The Neck Gaiters are knitted, not woven, and therefore very different from our other products, from the beginning of the product cycle through completion. We start with American, very fine, pure Merino, but the sourcing and processing are separate and different, and the resulting yarns and products have important differences. For example, the Black, Drab and Duff Gaiters are machine washable.  Eventually we hope to source and produce all our Neck Gaiters, as well as other knits, in a way that is more consistent with our woven items. But in the meantime, the Neck Gaiters have won high praise and of course are backed by our standard No-Risk Field Test Policy.

Our Neck Gaiter is a Scarf, a Gaiter, a Balaclava and Leg- or Arm-Warmer in one:

  • The Gaiter is a tube that measures 42 inches by 11 inches (107 cm by 29 cm) when laid out flat .  Of course, it would be twice as wide if it was not a tube. So there is quite a bit of wool
  • Made of fine (lace weight) 18-micron pure-American Merino wool
  • Extra-loose knit for maximum dead air space and great stretch and spring
  • Extremely light
  • Opened ends for more chest coverage when doubled as a Gaiter or balaclava
  • Machine washable and dryable. Please note that none of our other products (which are all woven and not knitted) can be treated this way without risk of shrinkage
  • Can actually be used as an arm and even leg covering. This surprised us, but a Special Forces Vet was here at the house and he showed us how he sleeps with one Gaiter over each leg. He also uses the Neck Gaiter as a leg-warmer after vigorous hiking. It's such a kick to us to see how people put WeatherWool to uses we never thought of! He calls this piece a Multi-Scarf
  • The Neck Gaiter weighs 6 ounces (170 grams)

The Gaiter is really warm, with the softness and comfort of Merino, and has great loft.  Loose knitting enables the Gaiter to stretch to whatever size is needed, without squeezing, but at the same time the Gaiter still springs back to its original size and shape when taken off. It is significant that the "spring" of the Gaiter causes it to protect the entire neck and not collapse and just sort of pile-up at the bottom of the neck. The Gaiter weighs almost nothing and is very packable. 

Making this gaiter was quite an unanticipated adventure and exercise for us. Amazingly, we were unable to buy the pure-American, pure-Merino cuffs and ribs we needed to make our Hoodie. So, we had to make them ourselves. And that meant acquiring far more fiber and then making far more yarn than we actually needed. So Debby came up with the idea for the Gaiter and it has been very well received.  Please click here for more pictures and details about our knitted items and components ... Gaiters, Cuffs, Ribs.

Please click here for a Youtube review of our Neck Gaiter by Mark Young, of Halifax.

Right now, Gaiters are completely Sold Out ... we are working on more Gaiters, and expect delivery of Black, Drab and Duff Gaiters before the end of 2019. You can order any of the Gaiters now. The price is set to 0, meaning your order places you on the list of people to contact when the Gaiter is available again.

We are working toward making some Naturally Colored (not dyed at all) Neck Gaiters. We are targeting 18 micron, long-staple fiber with a Comfort Factor approaching 100% ... real Hardcore Luxury! We are very excited about this because Naturally Colored Wool is a whole new thing for us. We anticipate a price of $95. We hope eventually to make these Gaiters from wool grown by one of our main Ranchers and new Advisor, Andy McMurry. On this page is a photo giving a good sense of the color of the Natural Colored Black/Brown, and those are Andy's hands in the picture. For quite a while, Andy has been developing a line of very high-comfort Merino Sheep that are naturally Dark Brown and Black. More photos and information about Andy's farm and permaculture practices are linked at Andy's Advisor page. Because these yarns are Naturally Colored, every Gaiter made from them will have a little bit of its own look. Please note that these Natural Colored Gaiters will shrink somewhat when machine-washed or dried. As knitted products, we do not expect a serious problem with the shrinkage, but we recommend NO machine wash or dry with these. We'll know more after we do some experimenting on these ourselves ... none have been made yet ... and before any of these Gaiters are shipped to customers.

Lastly, please don't hesitate to order a Gaiter or any WeatherWool product for which we have set the price to 0 ... it's very helpful to us to know in advance what people want! 

THANKS! --- Ralph & Debby


28 October 2019