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Basic Vest
Basic Vest
Basic Vest
Basic Vest
Basic Vest
Basic Vest
Basic Vest

Basic Vest


In stock are good numbers of Basic Vests in Drab Green in both FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics. We also have a few in FullWeight Black.

We probably won't make more Basic Vests until well into 2024.

Factory8 has done some tremendous tailoring!

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Our Basic Vest is a standard and versatile piece with many applications. This Vest adds a lot of warmth if you need it, but opened up in front and worn without a jacket it is cool and light and very nice at room temperature.

  • Two generously sized, zippered front pockets. You can use these pockets for hands or cargo or cell phone, wallet, keys and other vital equipment. The zipper is very secure and opens to the rear (toward the bottom)
  • Full-closure front, secured by Slot Buttons. The Buttons enable closure of the Vest all the way to the Shirt Collar, so you can fully insulate the chest area.
  • The back of the Vest, at waist-level, can be tightened with an elasticized band and a button on each side.
  • In size Large, the Basic Vest weighs about 1 pound, 12 ounces  (0.8 kg). In MidWeight Fabric, a size Large will weigh about 20 ounces (560 grams)

Our Basic Vest will perform very well in the field, but is also entirely appropriate in many other settings, and will add quite a bit of warmth and wind resistance with negligible bulk.

The Basic Vest can be worn either under or over some of our other pieces, such as under the All-Around Jacket  or the ShirtJac.  If you are wearing the vest over the CPO, size up. 

Please click for the Basic Vest Size Chart.

Cody is 5'10" (178 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg), and is wearing s Medium.

The Basic Vests are $395. Larger sizes require more Fabric and labor; prices  increase $25 for 3XL and $50 for 4XL.

In Stock Now:

  • XXSmall:  FullWeight Drab
  • XSmall:  FullWeight and MidWeight Drab
  • Small:  FullWeight Black, FullWeight Drab, MidWeight Drab
  • Medium: FullWeight and MidWeight Drab
  • Large:  FullWeight and MidWeight Drab
  • XLarge:  FullWeight Drab, MidWeight Drab
  • 2XLarge:  FullWeight Drab, MidWeight Drab
  • 3XLarge:  FullWeight and MidWeight Drab
  • 4XLarge:  FullWeight and MidWeight Drab

We will make more Vests in other Fabrics, but not until approximately February of 2024.

Care and Cleaning

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Basic Vest Reviews (from before we installed the Customer Review feature below)

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7 May 2024 ---Ralph

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tim L.
new use of the vest

My wife and I split our time between the mountains of NC and the mountains of MT. I agree with all that the previous reviewers wrote about using the vest in cooler to cold weather. In 2023, and as a response to Ralph and Debby's education re wool, and my own renewed research into woolens, I started wearing my fullweight vest as a "tank top" in warmer weather [worn directly on the skin......no undershirt] and found it to work wonderfully! I think you folks should try this.....especially those of you in the South. Because it can be unbuttoned, it is even more versatile than a traditional cotton tank top, partly because of the fact that wool can hold 35 times more water than cotton, which means that wool will not feel "clammy" as soon as cotton will in warmer weather when a person may be sweating. I experienced this in MT last summer when going back and forth between my cotton tank tops and the WeatherWool vest experimenting to see which would work better than the other of if they were the same. Wool is better. But I have not thrown out all of my cotton tank tops because sometimes the work in MT involves very dirty and greasy tractor work, and I would rather get my cotton shirts greasy and dirty than my WeatherWool. I will be buying more of the vests in the midweight fabric to use in this, new to me, way.

Clay C
Another Winner

Bought to wear as a base layer and/or in lighter, cooler TX weather. Can’t say enough about Ralph and Debbie’s creations!

Treat yourself to at least one piece of their bespoke collection.

John Reeves
Geographical opposites but same review

I’m on the opposite end from the other reviewers, I’m in AL not AK. I’ve had a basic full weight Lynx vest for 6 years, I think maybe only 5. Regardless it has held up better than any other Brand of vest I’ve had. For an AL winter this vest is all that is needed most of the time and when more is needed it works perfectly under my AAJ. My vest is the original design before slot buttons and that is the weak point, 1 button has loosened up and will need to be reattached. The new slot button design will prevent that problem. I highly recommend this vest for hunters or anyone working outside and is nice enough to wear to Church.

William P.
Very impressed

Like the last reviewer, I too live in Alaska and I too am coming from a Filson vest, which I wore for years. This vest certainly IS the finer of the two, and I find this one to be my go-to garment, in general. Of note, I wear a Large in the Al’s Anorak, at 6’2”, 225lbs (fit), but the XL in this fits perfectly. The exchange was very easy, but something to consider.

Vests are a great foundational piece of clothing, and it seems those who wear them incorporate them often; if this is you, or could be you, I genuinely could not imagine a finer wool option.

Steve Rachow
My go to garment

I’ve been wearing this vest for about 3 years now and it’s the first thing that I grab to put on.
Living in Alaska even the summer nights can be cool. This is just the perfect thing to put on. I had a Filson vest prior to this and this one blows it out of the water. It’s perfect for layering under my CPO or AAJ in colder months as well. I even wear it under my Al’s anorak.
With the improvement of the slot buttons I’m tempted to get another one. Thanks Ralph and family for great products and service.