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WeatherWool Open House

Sunday, October 27th, 2019 ...

From 10AM until ...

Join us for Sunday brunch!
Or come later for pizza or whatever ... watch 'the game'

Or make an appointment at a time that works for you.

WeatherWool Open House is a regular event, or you can visit by appointment.  This is a great way to get to know WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Hardcore Luxury garments

 The best way for people to get to know us, and WeatherWool, is in person.

So .... Please come to an Open House! ... Or visit by appointment, whenever works for you. It's quite normal for us to have people here at WeatherWool Headquarters, so please don't hesitate to make an appointment.

September is the first month of Fall and people across the Northern Hemisphere are realizing summer is pretty well played out ... so our first Open House of the Fall Season is September 29th. Usually people join us for lunch or dinner, too ... and often watch some sports. But some people like to keep it short and just look at the wool. It's all fine.

Open House Brunch has been working well, so we'll continue starting at 10AM ... Join us for bagels, toppings, coffee, etc. We'll have food and drink on hand all day, and maybe an Advisor or two. Usually we will cook up some venison. Plus whatever else we can think of to make things interesting.

We operate out of our home, and the Open House has become more or less a monthly practice during the cooler weather.

All the inventory, components, patterns, shipping, webwork ... everything that we do ourselves is done here. If you are hoping to purchase a particular item, that's fine, but please keep in mind that at present our inventory is low. Get in touch and we'll let you know if we have what you want or not. You're still welcome either way.

Given that we live so close to New York City and Newark Liberty International Airport, people from many places have added a visit to WeatherWool along with whatever else was bringing them to this area.

Come by and see everything WeatherWool. If you can, please let us know you are coming, and if you have any food allergies or any type of special need. Our house is wheelchair accessible. We are 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of New York City, and 10 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport. We are close to several major highways. The trains stop only 600 yards (550 meters) away. Seton Hall University is around the corner.

WeatherWool Headquarters
144 Ralston Avenue
South Orange, NJ  07079
(Yellow house, American Flag, wheelchair ramp. Can't miss it!)

  • Come by and check out some WeatherWool, learn about how we do things, try on some clothes.
  • Food and refreshments
  • Give us your own design ideas and feedback in person. Show us what you mean!
  • Our full inventory is available, plus there are always some prototypes, test pieces and some trade-ins around at great prices.
  • Products of Alex Outdoors (Base layers, Artisan Axes and more). Alex Outdoors is the business that ultimately gave rise to WeatherWool. We are winding down Alex Outdoors because we don't have time for it anymore, but it does still have some inventory of Woolpower, the only cold-weather base layers we recommend under WeatherWool. And the Axes? Well, we just love Axes and we are tempted to continue to handle them because Axes are great ...

Some other things that might be happening, depending ...

  • WeatherWool Advisor Fisher Neal is, among other things, an outdoors instructor, and he may be on hand. Fisher teaches people hunting and Nature appreciation, and has both a website and Instagram presence. Fisher is also an authentic Broadway and television actor, and you can always get him to talk theater.
  • If there is interest in season, we can start the day with a Wild Foods outing, maybe at The Swamp, and, if successful, we can cook whatever we come up with. In any event, we will normally be able to have some true wild, local venison. Plus bagels, pizza, Chinese, etc.
  • Sugar Season (January-March)! Want to learn a little about maple syrup?  We can tap a tree and boil down some sap, depending upon the weather
  • Interested in Foraging Wild Foods?  WeatherWool Advisor David Alexander, Senior Naturalist at the Essex County Environmental Center, sometimes joins us. David has a great website and significant presence on Instagram.

The next scheduled Open House is shown in the page heading. But actually, we are happy to meet with people at almost any time, by appointment. People come frequently, and we enjoy it ... don't hesitate to set something up with us ... give us a call and join us for lunch or dinner, or just come by one of the scheduled Open House Days.

If you've been thinking about some WeatherWool ... to examine some, or try different sizes ... a visit is a great way to do it.

South Orange is supposedly America's First Suburb ... a planned community was a new idea in 1865 ... and so there is a little bit of interesting history. But mainly what that means is that South Orange is very easy to get to ... 

The same sort of Open House is also scheduled for these Sundays:

  • October 27, 2019 (4 days before Halloween, a big day for me!)
  • November 24, 2019 (4 days before Thanksgiving)
  • December 22, 2019 (3 days before Christmas)
  • January 26, 2020
  • February 23, 2020
  • March 29, 2020
  • April 26, 2020

Hope to see you soon --- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali


Updated 30 September 2019