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WeatherWool offers bags of tailoring remnants for the cost of shipping. Find a use for them!  They make great pillow stuffing, in my opinion --- Ralph
WeatherWool offers bags of tailoring remnants for the cost of shipping. Find a use for them!  They make great pillow stuffing, in my opinion --- Ralph

WeatherWool Fabric Remnants


WeatherWool® Hardcore Luxury® Fabric is the foundation of our company. And when the tailors turn our Fabric into garments, remnants are inevitably created. The size of each remnant piece varies greatly. Some are pretty large ... up to 6 inches (15 cm) by 4 inches (10 cm).  Most are irregular shape ... sometimes kind of rectangular, often long and thin.

All remnants are our true production Fabric. Mixed in with the remnants may be some pieces of the paper "markers" that the tailors place on top of the stacks of Fabric in order to guide the cutting.

We use remnants to make up our Fabric Sample Packs, and so the remnants are extremely valuable to us. But we have far more remnants than we ever use for the Samples. Remnants are a good way to get to know our Fabric.

Each order will include at least 5 pounds (2.3 kg), which is plenty to stuff a full-sized bed pillow. The remnants will be completely random in size, color and Fabric weight. We get bags of remnants from the tailors whenever we make anything, and each bag contains whatever Fabrics the tailors were working with at the time.

We hope others can find more uses for them. Potential Uses:

  • Pillow stuffing. I've been sleeping with a remnant-stuffed pillow since about August 2021, and I like it a lot. Alex says it's MY-MyPillow. But it's not for everyone ... Debby doesn't like it but others have told me their remnant-pillows are great.  One of the Reviewers (below) gives some directions
  • Blankets and Quilting (but pieces are small).  You can see the front and back of a blanket among the main photos
  • Reinforcing edges of other pieces ... Lance K
  • Create sew-on pockets ... Lance K
  • Liners on Hats ... can be used to replace other liners adjust sizing or to bolster
  • Sew-on sound dampeners ... Lance K
  • Lance K is even fashioning a close-fitting set of leggings for quiet stalking (traditional archer moving on the ground)
  • Scarves ... One customer made a 72-inch (183 cm) Scarf for each of his parents
  • Fingerless Gloves. Advisor Chris Christian found enough suitably-sized pieces in one bag of remnants to make about 5 pair and he has used them a lot!
  • Cell phone pouch/cozy (Thanks to Stefan H for this idea!)
  • Coasters
  • Ground cloth if you want to stitch a bunch of remnants together
  • Sewn into long strips for leg wraps (puttees) to wrap bare legs or pant legs for stalking ... thanks to Lance K
  • Sewn into strips can be used as Gaiters ... Thanks Lance K
  • Sewn together for knee and elbow pads ... Thanks Lance K
  • Shemagh ... again, will require a bunch of sewing
  • Ghillie Suit ... add wool scraps to the outside of anything
  • Stitch together for wall coverings
  • Material-testing (people test the swatches from our Sample Packs)
  • Dog Bed! This is a "for-sure"! Thanks, Rod
  • Can be used to line a hard hat ... create a sweatband .... works very well!  Thanks to Jason G for this idea
  • Plant Potting. Some wool in the bottom of a flower pot, or mixed in with soil, helps keep soil moist. If the pot has a hole at bottom, the Fabric can keep dirt from coming out
  • Barbie Doll clothes! ... THANKS to Gary P's daughter for this idea!
  • Insulation for use in all kinds of places
  • Pot Holders ... Thanks to Judith L
  • Protect face from marks that would otherwise be created by CPAP straps ... Thanks to Paul K!

Each order will be approximately 5 pounds, maybe more if you live close to us.

Customer Rod O stuffed a dog bed with WeatherWool Fabric Remnants and his pup loved it!

We will be happy to hear any other ideas and results of testing.

The $20 price of the remnants is just to cover shipping. (Price started at $15 but shipping costs average more than that.) There are places, particularly in Canada, where $20 won't cover shipping. If the cheapest shipping is much over $20, we'll let you know. And if you are close to New Jersey, from where we ship, we may be able to send more than usual.

We usually have a lot of remnants, with the tailors always generating more.  If you come here, you can usually pick up quite a lot of them at no charge.

Anyone interested in Remnants is likely to also be interested in Weaving Selvedge.

Updated 11 July 2024 --- Ralph and Alex

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Our Fabric

Our Fabric is the heart of what we do. We make our own Fabric, starting with raw wool carefully and specifically selected from a small group of ranches in the USA that meet our certification standards of long, strong, and comfortable fibers.


Where is it made?

All of our products are 100% made in the USA using 100% American-made wool and materials. We pay American citizens to make all of our garments. See more.

Is WeatherWool in retail stores?

No, it is only available directly through this Website.

What are your garments designed for?

We set out to make the best All-Purpose outerwear possible and we take that "ALL" part seriously. While some items may be better then others for specific needs we like to think we have the perfect garment for anything you do outside regardless if it is in the serving in military, hunting, camping, city, country, work or worship.

Why is it so expensive?

We never cut a single corner at any step. We make our own fabric, from the best wool in the USA. There are over 45 steps in making our fabric alone. We use the highest quality materials made in the USA. We have owner operated customer service on call to serve you and offer free shipping in USA and Canada as well as hassle free returns.

Is WeatherWool Merino Wool?

Not exactly. Merino is great wool and has been very well marketed over the years but pure merino alone is not actually suitable for us.

We select our wool based on a number of characteristics including micron, strength, length, and comfort factor. With the help of our advisor Bob Padula we have determined the perfect recipe for our goals. Thanks to modern equipment we can test all the wool before we buy it and that wool is primarily coming from Rambouillet and Targhee breads.

How do you clean WeatherWool

Short answer, you almost never need to. It's self cleaning. We've had garments we've worn for 7 years that have never been cleaned other then some rain.

However, things happen. If a lukewarm bath and dry flat doesn't do the trick, you can try wool-cleaner. Our full cleaning page is here.

Can bugs bite through your fabric?

We have not heard of any that can.

What is your customer service policy?

Our customers will be taken care of.

Full Customer Service policy can be found here.


No Risk Returns

No-Risk Testing / No-Risk Policy ... We can't have anyone unhappy!.

Free Shipping USA and Canada

We offer free shipping in the USA and Canada.

Call 24/7 Anytime

1 (831) 704- 1776 (831-July 4th 1776)

About us

Founders / Owners

WeatherWool was founded in 2009 by Ralph and Debby DiMeo. Together with their children and a few friends they maintain 100% ownership of the company. Their full story can be read here.

Direct Connection To The Source

We make our own Fabric, starting with raw wool carefully and specifically selected from a small group of ranches in the USA that meet our certification standards. This isn't no stock photo. We're actually out there during shearing sampling wool and sharing stoies and good times with the ranchers and their families.

The Best We Can Figure Out

While most companies decide a price point, and reverse engineer a garment to meet that retail price, WeatherWool does the opposite. We make the best garment we can figure out how to make at every decision we face.Although our garments seem pricey to some our profit margins are below average and you're getting more value for your money and assurance that you're getting some of the best wool in the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Malcolm Grundy
Solid program

Got what i was expecting. Now Hoping my idea works!

Jay R
So many uses

I found when making my pillow it was most comfortable using about 90% pieces cut to around 2"x2" and mix in 10% cut into long thin pieces. This mix kept my pillow from having big lumps but the insides still hold together well under your head.