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Our Story

We are often asked why an average family would set out make the best All-Purpose Outerwear we could figure out. ... Because it needed to be done, and nobody else was doing it ... that still amazes me.

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I always loved being outside, and wool is more versatile than anything else. Plus, wool belongs outdoors, and in Nature ... wool IS a Natural Product. And I have always liked wool better than anything else.

As the years rolled by, my opinion never changed. I tried other types of clothing, and although I was never fully satisfied with wool, I was less satisfied with everything else.

Around January of 2000, I decided to take a chance on a very expensive woolen jacket. I still remember the first day I wore it ... a cold, windy day in January. After a few minutes, I was thinking to myself the day had really warmed up nicely. Then I turned into the wind and realized I was wearing the best winter jacket I'd ever had. I was so impressed I ordered complete outfits for myself and sons Alex and Zack. (At that point, Debby and Denali were not interested in men's hunting jackets.) Surprise! ... the company said an order of this size qualified us to be dealers ... they put our contact info on their website, and we got a nice discount. To my amusement, I began to get phone calls about the clothing. I had a good job that took all my energy. I didn't care if anybody bought wool from me, and I said so to the customers. I explained I was only involved because this was the best wool I'd ever found. It turns out a salesman who loves the product and doesn't care about making a sale is an effective salesman! And so this dealership-by-accident grew.

We became the company's largest distributor, and learned about woolens. Among our customers were some of the most serious and intense outdoor people anywhere, and we were proud that such people also believed we were offering the best. But as we learned about woolens and clothing in general, none of our suggestions to improve the products were ever accepted.

In 2009, we founded WeatherWool to make the best pure-wool, pure-American garments we can figure out how to make, and to improve the clothing worn by the US Military. Our products are supported by No-Risk Testing and unrivaled customer service.

Ten-plus years on, every decision is still made solely to improve our products or service. We have trademarked the words "Hardcore Luxury" because WeatherWool is chosen for truly extreme hardcore situations, as well as for luxurious feel and comfort.

We are still a small family company, we still believe wool makes the best All-Purpose Outerwear, and WeatherWool is the best wool. We offer No-Risk Field Testing so people can prove it to themselves, and because we can't picture doing business any other way.

Ralph (and Debby, Alex, Denali)


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