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WeatherWool Team

There are quite a few of us on the WeatherWool Team.  WeatherWool Advisors number 80 at this writing, and that number will slowly grow.
The core, original WeatherWool Team includes my (Ralph's) family and two friends. The seven of us own 100% of WeatherWool. All of us are American Citizens by birth.


Ralph DiMeo: the founder of WeatherWool. I just couldn't find any wool that met my own performance requirements. And I've always preferred wool over everything else when dealing with Nature.

Debby DiMeo: Ralph's better half, and the Big Boss and brains and much more. Debby restrains a lot of my foolish enthusiasm, but not so much as to break my spirit. Debby also is the one who understands tailoring and sewing and garments, and -- tailors be warned -- she is a tough cookie when it comes to craftsmanship!

Alex DiMeo: Debby and Ralph's oldest child, Alex does what I think of as the real work. Shipping, packaging, inventory. Plus more and more Alex handles customer relations.

Denali (Laura) DiMeo: Denali is a full-time professional photographer who is devoting increasing time to WeatherWool.  Denali's given name is Laura ... I wanted to name her Denali, after the tallest mountain in North America, but, Mom's preference -- Laura -- won out ... This was an early example of Debby restraining my outlandish impulses. But Denali is winning out lately, not least because of our daughter's own fondness for the name.

Zack DiMeo, our middle child, represents and tests WeatherWool in Casper, Wyoming. Zack is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst whose skills are increasingly important to us. Zack works in the energy business, which keeps him outdoors every day, year round, in Wyoming's highly variable and famously severe weather. Wyoming is a much more natural place for WeatherWool, and one of Zack's responsibilities is scouting for WeatherWool's next home.

Cody Bokshowan:  Cody officially became our Creative Director in January 2024 but has been a contributing member of the team since the late fall of 2022. Cody started his career as a photographer, but in 2009 moved into a creative director role, working with numerous luxury brands around the world. His life ever since then has been a contrasting mix of fashion photography, wilderness exploration and off-grid cabin building. Cody has been wearing WeatherWool since 2017; he is a genuine fan of our product, so we're very grateful to have him on board.

Lew Webb: A friend from Colorado since about 2005. I met Lew because of our woolens, but well before we even thought of WeatherWool. Lew is a businessman and an extremely serious traditional archer and author.

Bob Krause: Bob and I have been friends since 1993, when we both worked in the Institutional Equities Division of the original Morgan Stanley. Bob has a passion for financial markets in the way some people have a passion for golf or carpentry. When Bob's not working on financial instruments he's playing around with financial instruments. Bob and I were partners in a financial consultancy for about 10 years, ending about the time WeatherWool began taking over my life. Bob is an owner of WeatherWool because I have a small advisory role and equity position in Bob's businesses, and vice versa.

THANK YOU ---- Ralph
31 January 2024 --- Ralph