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Shipping & Taxes

    • Free standard shipping in the USA and Canada. Half-price shipping to other countries (meaning we split the cost with the customer).
    • We'll use the shipping method that works best in a given situation, but the website supports a lot of options if you have a preference
    • We never charge sales tax. Clothing is tax free in New Jersey!
    • American woolens ship duty-free to Canada
    • When we ship your order, we will normally send by email a receipt with a tracking number. So far, tracking numbers have been available for every country to which we have shipped
    • Inside the USA, we'll usually ship via UPS but sometimes USPS or FedEx or even DHL depending upon which server provides the best service and price. Of course, we'll ship however you'd like, but there may be an extra cost for that.
    • For Canada, for larger items, we have been using DHL lately. It costs us extra, usually around $50, but we absorb the cost because DHL is generally very slick and amazingly fast, considering they have to get things through customs. The service we use will depend on both the price of the item and the delivery location. For smaller items, we usually use the United States Postal Service to deliver the order to Canada Post. This usually works well, but there is no true overnight service, and sometimes the USPS package will sit in Canadian customs for a week, even though American woolens can be imported duty-free to Canada. UPS also offers a good express service to Canada ... orders can be delivered within two days -- also expensive -- I think this is because UPS basically walks the package through customs.
    • For orders outside the USA and Canada we will of course use whatever shipping the customer selects, but if the customer goes with STANDARD SHIPPING we'll probably use UPS or DHL. The website will automatically add about half the cost of shipping to the order. We may take a hit on the cost, but again, UPS and DHL has been so fast and convenient the enhanced delivery is usually worth it. But the choice depends on a lot of variables. We like that DHL will send an email with an accounting of the import duties and taxes ... you can pay DHL over the web whatever fees the government authorities require, and then DHL will deliver your package. This seems to save a lot of trouble, plus the DHL shipping was remarkably fast. We are using DHL more and more and they seem extremely motivated to win more business. But we also use UPS, FedEx and of course US Post Office to the National Post of the customer's country.
    • Overnight delivery almost anywhere in "the 48 States" is possible for orders that come in as late as 9:00 PM EST because we live near a primary FedEx facility at Newark Liberty International Airport (just outside New York City). FedEx has made some amazingly fast deliveries for us!
    • Shipping costs outside USA/Canada are basically split 50% each between us and the customer, and this cost is added to the original transaction although, again, this depends on the delivery service chosen and a bunch of other variables
    • Please contact us or include a note with your online order if you need special handling, gift wrapping, etc.
    • In the USA, we normally ship in a corrugated cardboard box. Outside the USA we are much more likely to use a heavy-gauge plastic shipping bag. The presentation is not as nice in the bag. But the bag actually protects the garments better than does the box. Plus, the bag weighs almost nothing and can basically be compressed to the size of the garment, so the shipping costs are reduced by around 35%.
    • Import taxes or duties are the responsibility of the customer. Canada does not impose any import fees on WeatherWool because our woolens are pure-American. Please click here for more info on import duties in various countries.


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