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Production Status

If you are interested in a product that is out of stock, please place a no-obligation backorder. It's helpful to know what people want. Our Inventory page offers a snapshot of our complete inventory.

We are  making now a small number of knitted Watch Caps, and we have plenty of Neck Gaiters in stock. Neck Gaiters and Watch Caps are knitted, and therefore very different from the rest of our offerings, which are sewn from woven fabric. The production of these two items is completely separate from everything else we make. 

At present, we don't have enough of our Fabric to make anything but a few prototypes. Because no commercially available fabrics meet our specifications, we make our own Fabric, which is a significant undertaking in terms both of capital and calendar-time -- it takes several months, at best, to turn raw wool from the ranches into finished Fabric. And the raw wool is generally available only in April.

Our expectations:

  • The virus had everything shut down for a while. As of now, things are  moving again. Almost all of our fiber has been dyed and it's being made into roving. The first yarn will be sent to the weavers in Mid-July. But even after weaving is complete, a lot of finishing work remains to be done before the Fabric is ready to go to the tailors. Things are on track to get our finished Fabric in August.
  • Tailors at present are operating on a somewhat limited basis by order of the governors of New York and New Jersey, although it seems that some people, particularly the owners, are working anyway. As soon as we have Fabric, we hope to engage the tailors. But probably their other customers will also want them to get busy as soon as they are operating again
  • The first production run will certainly be Anoraks, if our "Anorak-specialists" are available. We will also get going with Mountain/Ski Jackets, All-Around Jackets, North Maine Double Coat, Hoodies ... we actually have large backorders across all our products and which ones we make first will be determined by which tailors are available first and how many people are waiting.

Something else ... Before Corona, we received a note from a gent who assumed our lack of inventory reflects a lack of commitment on our part. It's a natural enough assumption to make, I guess, but it's not the case. We are ready, willing, able and absolutely eager to commit enough time, energy and capital to make thousands and thousands of garments. But the problem -- which existed prior to the virus -- is lack of capacity in the American wool industry. There is just an extremely limited American factory capacity to turn our very specialized raw wool into our very custom finished Fabric. The company that was our primary contractor for production of our Fabric without warning shut down American operations in 2018, and replacing them has been difficult. We're progressing, we've made small amounts of really nice Fabric to prove everything was in sync, and we're pushing as hard as we can. We have a huge backorder that we very badly want to fill!!

Thank You for your patience, and for working with us!

Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali


9 July 2020