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We know the Ranchers who have produced almost all of the wool we use to make WeatherWool.   All of these Ranchers have the highest regard for their sheep, which is only natural.   We buy the wool that is the very best available for the manufacture of WeatherWool, and these are the Ranches that produce it.

Generally, our ranchers are in the sheep business, rather than the wool business ... these ranchers produce breeding stock that are sold to other ranchers who wish to improve their bloodlines. Wool is a by-product ... proof of their genetics ... but mostly not their main product.

All farmers are half artist, half scientist, half gambler and 100% in love with what they do, or they would do something else. Talk to any of our ranchers and you will see what we mean. Both Bob Padula (PM Ranch) and Mike Corn (Corn Ranch) are WeatherWool Advisors ... and will gladly speak with you about our garments and their ranches.

Conditions vary from year to year and there are a lot of factors that can affect the fleece of a sheep.    And so the sources of our wool will change from year to year and as time goes by we will probably be adding more Ranches 

Corn Ranch, New Mexico

Genopalette McMurry Ranch, Missouri

Jewell Ranch, Colorado

Russell Leonard Ranch, New Mexico

PM Ranch, Minnesota

PM Ranch Sheep, Minnesota

PM Ranch, 2018

Because of our commitment to American Wool, we were invited to speak at the American Sheep Industry Association's 150th Annual Convention in Reno, January 28-31, 2015.

WeatherWool was an invited speaker at the 150th Annual Convention of the American Sheep Industry Association
They spelled "Ralph DiMeo" and WeatherWool correctly ...
... and "Jersy" seems an improvement.


29 April 2018