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PM Ranch Early Lambing

23 February 2019

Padula sent me this photo and email this morning. Reminds me of my Cousin's story about his cow that delivered a calf without anyone ever having any knowledge of a bull in her vicinity.

Bob Padula's PM Ranch with a couple of unexpectedly early lambs for the 2020 WeatherWool Clip!

Ralph and Debby,

Not that this was planned, but we already have a head start on the garments for 2022 and beyond……

These two will be sheared a year from now in 2020 and it takes about 2 years from raw wool to finished garment --- 2022.

We were working sheep in September and a ram jumped a fence and bred a ewe. Fortunately, we got him out before he did more damage. Everyone was all excited about the ram and I’m thinking – I don’t care about him, it is the ewe that I have to worry about, he isn’t going to lamb in the snow. Two days before she lambed, I figured out which one was bred and put her inside the barn before the storm came, so she and her babies were safe and sound. The good thing is that this ram and ewe were going to be together 2 months later, so at least that worked out in our favor.