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We will be making a LOT of Jackets in 2023 ... ALL SYSTEMS GO!

At this writing, we have good numbers of All-Around Jackets, Basic Vest, Hooded Jackets, ShirtJacs. We have an assortment of Anoraks and CPOs, but mostly in the smallest and largest sizes. Each product page will tell you what we have.

Anything NOT in stock is priced at 0 to enable free backorder.

For the first time, we expect to make Peacoats and Women's Blanket Coats in production. Both these pieces are shown in the Jacket Collection below.

There are also a few other Jackets/Coats we are developing, and these can be seen in the Pipeline.

As always, we would appreciate your input! -- Thanks -- Ralph & Family


16 April 2023 --- Ralph

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