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We will be making a LOT of Jackets in 2024 ... More than any previous year.

First Jackets for 2024 are our redesigned Poncho and our new Denim Chore Coat.

At this we are making a lot of Fabric, and we have quite a few Basic Vests and Ladies Blanket Coats.

But we have only a smattering of All-Around Jackets, Hooded Jackets, ShirtJacs, Peacoats.

We're a little better on Anoraks and CPOs.

Except for the Chore Coat, which will be coming into stock in mid-April, anything NOT in stock is priced at 0 to enable free backorder.

Any other items we may be working on are seen in the Pipeline.

As always, we would appreciate your input! -- Thanks -- Ralph & Family


23 March 2024 --- Ralph

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