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Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
WeatherWool Anorak in Lynx Merino, hidden chest pocket
Al's Anorak in Lynx by WeatherWool is great for hunting
Al's Anorak

Al's Anorak

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Some people just love a pullover. Our Anorak is suitable for a huge variety of outdoor activities and social settings, and can protect in fairly serious cold without much layering underneath. Some of the most hardcore folks going favor this Anorak. Military Personnel and other outdoor professionals always seem to zero-in on the Anorak when they encounter our line at an outdoor show. Pullover lovers are usually on the lean side with a V-taper, and so the Anorak has zippers on both sides to enable the taper and to make the garment easier to put on and take off. The side zips are also great vents.

  • Available in both our FullWeight Jacquard and MidWeight Jacquard Fabrics
  • Sleeves are long enough to allow the hands to be pulled inside so there is less need for gloves
  • Adjustable cuffs let you snug the wrist
  • Super-long side zippers for venting and ease of entry into garment
  • When the sides are unzipped, you can button the bottoms together if you want to prevent flapping. Younger guys have told us they like to just leave the sides open and moving freely to create a unique style
  • Large Hood can be worn/adjusted several different ways: it is big enough to create a microclimate around your head and keep weather completely off your head and face. The Hood is also big enough to shade and hide your face for concealment or just to catch some sleep. Wear a Hat with a bill and this Hood will keep rain and snow off your face and your face will be completely shielded from wind coming from the sides.  Or adjust Hood with rear cinch to maximize peripheral vision. Hood can also be snugged around the face by means of draw strings
  • Generous front kangaroo pocket secured with slot buttons
  • Inconspicuous, zippered phone pocket on the chest
  • Zippered pocket on the inside, behind the kangaroo pocket
  • The Anorak can be folded so that the entire body and sleeves of the Anorak can fit inside the Hood, which can then be used for a pillow or seat. Folded this way, into a rough semi-circle, the Anorak also helps to form and stabilize the floor of a backpack
  • A belt or cord can be threaded through the Pouch and snugged to the body to help trap additional body heat

Military people interested in the Anorak for Active Duty, and people interested in donating an Anorak to the Military, please click here to visit our WarriorWool page.

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26 October 2017