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To set up SHIP ASAP:  We need your full credit card info. You can phone us, text us, email, send photos, send a PDF .... whatever works for you. It's also good to know if the package can be left without a signature and if you have a preferred carrier.



It would be great to have large and regularly replenished inventory and simply fill orders as they come in. But we are very far from that situation, and so we are trying to handle backorders as efficiently as possible.

We are happy to receive no-obligation backorders, and although we do not accept advance payments or deposits, we definitely invite SHIP ASAP backorders. That is, place a backorder, and follow up separately with your payment information. Typically, this would be a credit card. We'll keep the credit card on file, make the garment, and, when we are shipping your order, we'll charge your card. You can still change or cancel your order anytime, even after it ships. But if we don't hear from you, we have our marching orders.

We get many backorders that turn out to be non-serious. So when we contact people to fill backorders, our emails, texts and phone calls mostly get no response. SHIP ASAP shows us the backorder is serious.

We try to fill backorders in temporal sequence. But SHIP ASAP orders are filled in priority to other orders because we know these are serious orders and because we have all the information needed to fill them already at hand. After the SHIP ASAP orders are all filled, then we will begin contacting the other people on the backorder list.

It's easy to understand why people would not want their credit card info stored somewhere, and so we also invite people to contact us and let us know they really mean the order. We'll make a note and get back to these SERIOUS people as a second level of priority, right after the SHIP ASAP group.

In the best of times, we are so specialized that I'm not willing to promise delivery dates. And these are not the best of times. There are a great many uncertainties.

I've learned the hard way that until something is in my hand, it can still somehow be delayed or turn out to be other than what I anticipated.

So, we don't accept advance payments or even deposits except in the most unusual circumstances. And only if that will somehow really help our customer.

In 2020 and early 2021, I did accept a relative handful of advance payments because people wanted assurance they were going to get a garment from a limited supply. But even when I was confident of what was coming, the virus made a fool out of me. So that's a problem we will avoid.

Very sorry for all this bureaucracy/red tape.



13 October 2021 --- Ralph