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We expect to ship our first Peacoats in April, at $975. If you have reserved or backordered a Peacoat, we will be in touch before we ship.

We are really looking forward to bringing out the Peacoat! Our Hardcore Luxury Fabric has done its Hardcore performance work all over the world, and now we are looking to the Peacoat and the North Maine Double Coat to do the same for our Luxury side.

Quite a few people have asked us to make a Hardcore Luxury® Peacoat, and we've been wanting to do this for a long time. The production backstory has been crazy since 2018. But that's history (hopefully).

Please indicate your interest by placing a $0 backorder, and we'll get in touch with you. If you need a size larger than 3X, please let us know.

The history of Peacoats is interesting, and is influencing our plans. Not surprisingly, the design is old enough that there is controversy over where it came from, and when. Some sources will claim origins back to the early 1700s. Some claim the word "pea" is a corruption of a Dutch word referring to a coarse wool. We'll definitely not be making anything coarse! A couple of well-accepted points are that the original Peacoat was wool, and oriented toward sailors. The double-breasted front supposedly enabled sailors to shinny and climb a mast without buttons being snagged. Maybe more reasonable, the true double-breast enabled a sailor to button either left-over-right or right-over-left, perhaps depending upon which side the wind was coming from ... or just to hide some soiled fabric.

UPDATE: Well ... Debby told me Slot Buttons were a bad idea with the Peacoat, and she was right. We tried mightily to get them to work, but we couldn't get the Slots to sit the way we want. So ... we will be using 4-hole Corozo Buttons in either Brown (with Lynx and Brown Peacoats) or Black (with Black and Drab Peacoats). This is a change from the buttons I had been planning on, so we'll put up photos and will get in touch with everyone who was set up for SHIP ASAP prior to shipping.

The Peacoat will have a high collar that will stay up when you want it to.

The photos show a Lynx Pattern Peacoat in the studio at Better Team. We'll be getting better photos soon! And before the end of April we expect to be shipping the Peacoats. Before we ship, we'll be in touch with everyone who has placed a backorder.

The Peacoat is offered in all our FullWeight colors:  Black, Brown, Drab, Lynx Pattern.

Please click for general information about backorders, information about our production or to view our entire on-hand inventory.

It's a BIG help to know in advance what people want, so please don't hesitate to backorder any Peacoat, so long as you really intend to buy. Here is more information about ordering out-of-stock garments and about online ordering in general. --- Thanks -- Ralph

THANKS to Jacob and David, our old friends from Philadelphia, for being the first to realize our Fabric would make a great Peacoat!

Peacoat Sizing.


31 March 2023 --- Ralph


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