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Ladies' Blanket Coat
Ladies' Blanket Coat
Ladies' Blanket Coat
Ladies' Blanket Coat
Ladies' Blanket Coat

Ladies' Blanket Coat

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The Ladies' Blanket Coat is casual but elegant, a relaxed feel and a sort of automatic, comfortable fit.  We envision this for the gentler side of outdoor activities.  This piece is called a Blanket Coat because of the Blanket stitching along the cuffs and pockets.

The LBC is shipping now at $775 in True Black, Classic Brown and Drab Green.  We will probably make Lynx Pattern and Natural White in late 2024.

The Blanket Coat is made from our FullWeight Fabric. Shown in the pictures is a Blanket Coat in our Brown Color, with Merino-yarn trim.  Like everything made by WeatherWool, the Blanket Coat is completely American, offering superior performance and classic looks that work anywhere.

The basic design:

  • FullWeight Fabric in True Black, Classic Brown and Drab Green
  • A Large Hood
  • Two Front Pouch Pockets
  • Thigh length 
  • Edges of cuff and pockets are  stitched with American Merino Yarn
  • 4-hole Corozo buttons sewn with backer buttons
  • Zippered pocket on the inside hidden behind the outer pocket

We really like the Corozo buttons on this Coat.  Our Corozo buttons are made in USA from a part of the Tagua Nut, which grows in South America.   The Tagua Palm is also known as the Ivory Palm, and the scientific name can be translated as “plant elephant”.  The Buttons are carved from the endosperm of the seed.  The endosperm is the tissue around the germ, which provides starch, protein and oil when the seed starts to grow.

Incidentally, we debated whether WeatherWool, given our strict policy of pure-American, could use Corozo, as the Tagua is from South America.    We decided it’s pretty much the same situation as with zippers and thread.  We know these items are made in the USA, but we don't know where the raw materials come from.

These buttons are gorgeous and unique, but we feel they are very appropriate for the Blanket Coat which itself is intended to embody a mixture of casual functionality and elegant refinement.  Corozo buttons seem very much like wood, but when you handle them, you can tell they are not wood.  

The coat is cut in A-line pattern with chest darts.  Please click for sizing details.

Brown Blanket Coats have Natural Cream stitching; Drab and Black have Black stitching.

Sizing Information

Please click here for additional details of WeatherWool Construction.

The model is wearing size XSmall at 5'7" (170 cm) and 117 pounds (53 kg).

16 February 2024 --- Debby & Ralph

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