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CPO Shirt
CPO Shirt
CPO Shirt
CPO Shirt
CPO Shirt
CPO Shirt
The WeatherWool CPO Shirt is pure Merino Jacquard wool fabric, highly weather-resistant and versatile. Modeled on the classic Navy CPO Shirt, it can be worn as a Shirt, tucked in or not, and can be worn under other items such as a Vest
CPO Shirt
CPO Shirt

CPO Shirt


CPO Shirts are $475 up to size 2X;  3X, $495;  4X, $515

CPOs (always MidWeight) in stock now:

  • XXXSmall:  Lynx Pattern
  • XXSmall:  Drab Green, Lynx Pattern
  • XSmall:  Drab Green, Lynx Pattern
  • Small:  Drab Green, Lynx Pattern
  • Medium:  Sold Out
  • Large:  Sold Out
  • XLarge:  Drab Green
  • 2XLarge:  Drab Green
  • 3XLarge:  Drab Green
  • 4XLarge:  Drab Green, Lynx Pattern

    If you are interested in a CPO not in stock, please place a no-obligation backorder at a price of 0, or give us a call to set up your SHIP ASAP backorder.

    CPOs are made in only in MidWeight Fabrics. The ShirtJacs, which are similar, are FullWeight (Black, Brown, Drab, Lynx Pattern, Natural White/Cream).

    NOTE:  We have updated the CPO slightly.  The new version CPOs do not have buttons on the collar.  These newer CPOs also have chest pocket flaps that are shaped a little differently.  We still have some of the previous version.  If you care which you get, please let us know.

    The classic CPO (Chief Petty Officer) Shirt originated almost 100 years ago, and has been widely appreciated ever since. It’s a jacket or a shirt, depending upon what you need and what else you wear. In our Fabric, the CPO Shirt is extremely versatile, enhancing the basic, timeless design.

    The CPO is constructed with our own Merino Jacquard Fabric, and had been offered in both FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics, but is now a MidWeight garment.

    The CPO is typically a 2nd layer but often a 3rd layer and is sometimes worn as a mid-layer or even a base-layer. Some people will tuck the CPO into their Pants.  Our Fabric is comfortable enough that the CPO can be worn over a short-sleeve base-layer or even as a base-layer (as in the video at bottom).

    CPO features:

    • Front chest pockets with button-down flaps are deep enough for a large phone
    • Collar is smaller than the ShirtJac, yet substantial enough that if you fold it up you will notice the extra warmth around your neck
    • Above the cuff is a 4-inch opening, secured by a button, offering good closure but also enabling the cuff to be comfortably folded up the forearm
    • The cuffs are secured by either of two buttons that enable versatile adjustment
    • Extra-long sleeves, reducing the need for gloves
    • The rounded shirt tails are long enough to be tucked in or worn out
    • Like all our garments, the CPO is craftsmen-sewn and ultra-durable, with our usual indestructible melamine Slot Buttons and Mil-Spec Anefil water-resistant thread used by the US Army
    • MidWeight CPO Shirt in size Large weighs about 2 lbs (about 0.9 kg)
    • Please note the CPO Shirt in the photos is an older version (sorry ... updated photos are among a million things i need to do!) and we have removed the pleats from the chest pockets.

    Predicting what garments will work for which people is always tricky because there are so many variables. For me, the MidWeight CPO is warm enough for active wear throughout the winter in New Jersey, in temperatures below freezing, with one or two light base layers. MidWeight Fabric has a lot of warmth, but it's not designed for sitting in freezing temps.

    WeatherWool Advisor Leo Grizzaffi, the outdoor writer, likes to wear his CPO Shirt instead of a sport jacket.

    The gent in the Drab CPO is Advisor Fazon Gray, a professional model. The studio shots are professional model Hampus Svard. The train-station-photo is Advisor Fisher Neal, whose highly-varied resume also includes professional model. Advisor Dave Canterbury (selfie with forest in the background), perhaps the most well-known figure in survival, bushcraft and self-reliance training, put all of his instructors at The Pathfinder School in WeatherWool Lynx Pattern. The last photo is Advisor Rob Stuart, who has been our Fabric Engineer since 2010, and me, on the right.

    Here is a review published by Explore Magazine and written by Kevin Callan, the magazine's field editor and a well-known tester of outdoor products. The review was written when we referred to the CPO as a ShirtJac (sorry for confusion!).

    And a neat comment sent to us by customer Bruce Carlson:  "Received my XL Lynx [CPO Shirt] yesterday. Wore it to work today. 5-6 compliments … everyone wanted to 'touch' it!". People wanting to "touch it" is something we hear often about Lynx Pattern.

    Please visit our Sizing page before ordering

    Shirt Reviews (mostly received in the days when it was called ShirtJac, and before we had the REVIEW feature on the bottom of this page.  Wish we had always called this garment a CPO!)

    Details about WeatherWool Construction

    Care and Cleaning

    Quality Control Steps for the CPO

    MidWeight CPO, walking in light rain, temp of 66F/19C, without a base layer ... a day when the MidWeight CPO was better than anything else I can think of ... with no base layer at all!



    19 February 2024 --- Ralph & Alex


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