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Quality Control CPO

Quality Control CPO

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16 November 2023 -- Debby, Ralph


Turn CPO inside-out

    1. Inspect all Fabric for faults
    2. Inspect all seams


      Turn CPO outside-out

        1. Overall stitching, every seam, flat and secure
        2. All front placket Slot Buttons sewn in properly and button holes sized properly and sewn properly
        3. All front placket Buttons working properly
        4. Both buttons and both buttonholes at each cuff working properly, sewn properly
        5. Forearm buttons and buttonholes working properly, sewn properly
        6. Left and right chest pockets sewn properly ... pocket, buttons, buttonholes
        7. All five labels sewn properly to inside pocket
        8. Cuff buttons and buttonholes sewn properly, working properly
        9. Measure chest to verify actual size matches tag
            Remove any remaining lint, fuzz, stray threads, etc.