Hardcore Luxury®

WeatherWool Fabric Batches

We are always trying to improve, and our Fabric is the heart of what we do. We don't expect significant performance differences between batches of Fabric, and so far we have tried to make exactly the same Fabric each production cycle. But eventually it may be really important to identify the origins and processes that created any given garment.

Beginning in 2021, we are adding Batch Tags to all our woven products. (Knits are produced entirely differently).

The Batch Number Tags are quite small, and bear only the number that specifies the Batch or sub-Batch. The Batch Number Tags are sewn under the size tags.

Batch 5 Garments are the first to bear Batch Number Tags.

The Batches are listed from newest to oldest.

I'll get more information on here soon!

  • Batch 7 ... Purchased in April 2020, but no garments made from this Batch yet.
  • Batch 6 ... Purchased October 2019, but no garments made from this Batch yet. Processing expected to start in April 2021.
  • Batch 5 ... Purchased April 2018 ... in early 2021, we are completing work on the Batch 5 Fabric, and have made quite a few garments in FullWeight Lynx Pattern.


31 March 2021 --- Ralph