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WeatherWool Fabric Batches

We are always trying to improve, and our Fabric is the heart of what we do. We don't expect significant performance differences between batches of Fabric, and so far we have tried to make exactly the same Fabric each production cycle. But eventually it may be really important to identify the origins and processes that created any given garment.

Beginning in 2021, we are adding Batch Tags to all our woven products. (Knits are produced entirely differently).

The Batch Number Tags will enable us to trace:

  • Ranches from which the fiber originated
  • Year the sheep were shorn
  • Characteristics of the fiber (thickness, length, strength, yield and more)
  • Who scoured the fiber
  • Who dyed the fiber
  • Who spun the fiber into yarn
  • Who wove the yarn into griege fabric
  • Who did the finishing work on the griege, creating tailor-ready "finished" Fabric
  • Who marked the Fabric for any given type of garment
  • Who cut the Fabric for any given garment
  • Who sewed any given garment
  • When a garment was completed, and how many similar garments were completed at that same time
  • We will also be able to trace the origins of the "notions" in any garment (zippers, fasteners, buttons, thread ...)

I am actually hoping that, 10 years from now, none of the above matters! We are not cutting corners or holding anything back. I don't expect it will turn out that any given batch of garments or Fabric will noticeably outperform any other. We have always pushed for max quality. But I am guessing that eventually differences will appear, and Batch Tags will enable tracking and analysis.

The Batch Number Tags are quite small, and bear only the number that specifies the Batch or sub-Batch. The Batch Number Tags are sewn under the size tags.

The Batches are listed from newest to oldest.

  • Batch 8 ... Purchased in April 2021. We have just finished scouring this fiber, but I don't know the yield yet.
  • Batch 7 ... Purchased in April 2020. This fiber was caught in Hurricane Ida and we had to re-clean it, which required mixing with Batch 8. I don't know exact details yet, but it seems the Ida-emergency has forced us to combine Batch 7 and 8.
  • Batch 6 ... Purchased October 2019. Has been dyed and spun into yarn. Some of the yarn is presently being woven into MidWeight Drab Fabric. And the rest of the yarn will become MidWeight Lynx Fabric.
  • Batch 5 ... Purchased April 2018 ... in early 2021. All Batch 5 fiber has been made into Fabric and mostly already made into garments, many of which are in stock now. Black Fabric is presently being sewn into Anoraks and All-Around Jackets.


4 October 2021 --- Ralph