Hardcore Luxury®

How WeatherWool Is Made

OK ... I just decided to do this page ... it's long overdue, but it's going to be a giant amount of work.  I'll get to it.

Here is a list (and no doubt it will grow) of the areas in which our Vendors help us make WeatherWool. The list is in the rough order of involvement in our production processes.

My original ideas have not changed since 2009 when I founded WeatherWool.

Hardcore Luxury ... meaning garments that offer very hardcore performance that will be favored by people doing really intense things. But that performance must be delivered in a luxurious garment that is a pleasure to wear.

So step one was finding a person who believed what such garments could be made, and that actually took quite a while ... probably 100 phone calls and emails and several months. But finally I found International Wool Consultant and now WeatherWool Advisor Bob Padula. Bob understood what we wanted to do, believed it was possible and knew the type of wool we needed ... because it's the fiber he's been breeding on his ranch! Essentially, we want very strong fiber that measures 21 microns thickness and is close to 4 inches (10 cm) in length.

Next we had to find a place to get the fiber that met our specs, and Mike Corn, who is also now a WeatherWool Advisor, is a rancher producing the fiber we need (although that depends on the weather in New Mexico). Mike also is a partner in America's largest fine wool auction house, and can help us find more of the fiber we need.

And there are others, too, that are critical but not directly part of production:

THANKS for your patience!

20 November 2020 --- Ralph