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Rob Stuart




Rob Stuart has been a wool fabric engineer his entire career, beginning as a young man in Scotland. Rob came to the USA in about 1995 to continue his career at Woolrich, in Pennsylvania.

We met Rob shortly after we founded WeatherWool in 2009, and Rob has been our Fabric Engineer ever since.  

Rob worked with us for years to develop both our FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics, as well as our colors and Lynx Pattern.

Thanks to Rob, Woolrich created a specialty "mill within the mill" to produce our Fabrics, which required equipment that Woolrich did not possess.

When Woolrich ceased American operations in 2018, that was a horrible setback for us. But, when we began to work with American Woolen Company in early 2019, much to our delight, they brought Rob into their operation to focus on WeatherWool!

The foregoing info is from Ralph ... I think Rob will eventually get me some more info and a photo for this "Advisor page" ... but he is sort of a shy fellow.

I've learned recently that the Scottish names STUART and STEWART, although pronounced the same, have somewhat different origins. STUART indicates royal lineage, I'm told (not by Rob), so I've taken to ribbing Rob by calling him ROYAL ROB. He doesn't like that ... and when he gives me more info for his Advisor page, I'll remove this paragraph!



20 December 2020