Hardcore Luxury®

Vendor Relations

First ... WeatherWool is a very tiny company aiming to become a much larger company! Some of our vendors are already BIG companies with BIG clients and VERY LARGE operations ... which means that WeatherWool may not yet justify the time and effort they have devoted to us. We are grateful and fortunate that our Vendors appreciate what we are doing and are willing to extend themselves for us in ways that sometimes do not really seem to make typical business sense. --- THANKS to all our Vendors! --- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali

Our garments represent the expertise, dedication, cooperation and good will of a great many people and companies, collectively referred to here as VENDORS.

All our vendors understand WeatherWool's basic concepts:

  • Hardcore Luxury®
  • The best products and best customer service we can figure out
  • 100% American in materials and manufacture
  • Constant innovation, testing and improvement
  • Teamwork
  • If our customers do not advocate for WeatherWool, we have failed

Underlying these basic product concepts is our general philosophy:

Everyone has to be happy. If our Vendors are not happy with us, we won't get their best. Everyone needs to try to minimize costs, but not at the sacrifice of quality. Every Vendor can be squeezed, but that inevitably creates feelings and problems that we want to avoid. We need all our Vendors to put their prideful best into WeatherWool.

Many of our Vendors are shown as Advisors on this website, and we will be adding more information about more of our Vendors. We view all our Vendors as Advisors because all are career professionals that bring knowledge and experience in their specialties. No single person could possibly learn even a small fraction of their collective knowledge.

Here is a list (and no doubt it will grow) of the areas in which our Vendors help us make WeatherWool. The list is in the rough order of involvement in our production processes.

And there are others, too, that are critical but not directly part of production:

We know almost all of our major vendors fairly well ... some of them very very well, since 2010. We will continue to strengthen the relationships between and among all our Vendors and Advisors.

Incidentally, a main reason for this page, and a somewhat unusual aspect of our philosophy, is to help our Advisors/Vendors interact, and thereby better understand each other's needs and capabilities.

This page will grow with names of more Vendors and links to further reading on this website as well as the Vendors' own websites.

If you think you can help us improve, please get in touch!! ... THANK YOU --- Ralph


4 November 2020 --- Ralph