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The Best

It seems like I should explain why we set about the extreme / crazy / arrogant mission to make the best All-Purpose Outerwear ever.

I was somewhat reluctant to write those "best ever" words in the FAQ, and for a long time it said "the best we can figure out", which is still also true, but more modest and completely non-confrontational. And we're not trying to be confrontational now, either. But confrontational and competitive are not the same, and in any case, a "race to the top" will benefit the consumer.

For me, the best All-Purpose Outerwear is going to be made of wool, because that is what I have always liked the best, and because a lot of people with much more experience than me feel the same. (Testing Outerwear has some specific information about testing All-Purpose Outerwear.)

In 1999, I bought a wool jacket, and was very happy with it ... so much so that I ordered complete outfits for myself and my boys. The company said my order entitled me to be a dealer, and get a nice discount, in exchange for having my name on their website. I had no interest in being a dealer, but I gave them the green light to get the discount. When people began phoning me about the wool, it seemed kind of funny, but I did whatever I could think of to be their top dealer ... and to my amazement, I enjoyed working with the customers and with the wool, which was "the best" I'd ever found, and of course that was the reason I'd bought a bunch of it. Within a few years I became the brand's biggest "stocking distributor" and had a LOT of ideas ... but the owner rejected all my ideas without consideration.

I was completely convinced the clothes I so much admired, that I believed were the best hunting duds going, could be made a lot better. And that's where WeatherWool came from ... we were already setting out to improve on the best I'd found.

WeatherWool has always been All-Purpose Outerwear ... not designed for any specific conditions or activity or setting. It wouldn't make sense to have the goal of the best clothing and not pair that with the best Customer Service. And being 100% USA wasn't even much of a decision ... more a reaction to the general thinking that clothing isn't made here anymore.

Whether or not we are The Best, or better than any other specific brand, is for others to determine. I have my thoughts, but the clothing should make my point, or not. And of course, everyone will have their own ideas about Testing Outerwear to determine what is best.

If you know ways we can improve, or ways we have come up short, please let me know! --- Thank You!


13 May 2022 --- Ralph