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Testing Outerwear

This is a new page, and it will take a while to develop it. But we think this is an important concept.

We love to have WeatherWool compared to any other outerwear ... and we generally describe WeatherWool as "All-Purpose Outerwear" ... that is, we design WeatherWool to be the choice for anyone who needs to handle what Nature dishes out.  

But ... how do you rate All-Purpose Outerwear? How do you test it? The test will be necessarily subjective because different people have different needs and priorities. And the great majority of brands we'd be compared to aren't trying to be All-Purpose Outerwear ... But here are some of the factors that need to be considered when evaluating outerwear:

  • Do you want to wear it? Will you be wearing it? This might seem like a wise-guy point to put in here, but this is my reasoning ... It's usually the unexpected situation that causes problems. And so we make highly versatile garments, "go-to" garments, that people WANT to wear -- even when they don't expect to need WeatherWool performance -- because they simply like wearing WeatherWool. And then, if a pleasant afternoon hike somehow turns into a night out in freezing rain, you're wearing clothes that can see you through. WeatherWool prepares you for the unexpected.
  • How does it perform in cold weather and warm weather? What range of temperatures will the same set of clothes handle?
  • How well does it resist rain, snow, sleet, drippy woods, wet bushes, spray from boating?
  • If it does get wet will it still keep me warm? What if I get caught out in a cold rain for a couple of days, or fall in a river in winter?
  • Does it resist wind and does it breathe?
  • How does it handle sweat?
  • What kinds of activities is it good for? What levels of exertion?
  • Does it resist fire?  Embers?
  • How bulky is it?  Is it compressible?
  • How heavy is it? How much does it weigh?
  • How quiet is it?
  • Does it blend into Nature?
  • Will it help me evade detection by animals and people?
  • Does it reflect light?
  • Does it shine in Ultraviolet?
  • Where can it be worn?  Only in the woods?  Is it acceptable in a restaurant or a business meeting or church or club?
  • How durable is it?
  • If it fails in the field, can I repair it myself?
  • Does it resist soiling?
  • Does it resist odors?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Does it resist burrs?
  • Is it comfortable against bare skin?
  • What is it made of? Multiple components? A lot of woolens, for example, have liners that cover the whole torso.  Meaning, you aren't really wearing wool ... you're wearing some synthetic liner that in turn is wearing wool.
  • What components are used?  What kind of thread? Zippers? Snaps? Velcro, etc?
  • How does it behave in the presence of electricity?
  • What else?

These points may not actually be part of a test of the clothing, but will be important to some:


  • How much does it cost? This isn't really a performance factor, but it's important to almost everyone
  • Warrantee
  • What if I don't like it?  Can I test it and get a refund if I want one?
  • Where is it made? Where are the components made?



6 April 2018