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Hooded Jacket Sizing Chart

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NOTE: The tables show the measurements of the garment itself (in inches and in centimeters), and not the measures of the wearer. Why?

The easiest way to determine the size you should order is to measure a garment you already have that fits the way you want:

  • The garment you measure should not be a knit, because knits are normally too stretchy
  • Completely close the center front of the garment
  • Lay the garment very flat on a table
  • Measure across the chest, just below the armpits
  • Double the measure across the chest, giving the actual chest size of your garment
  • Compare the chest size of your garment with the sizes in the chart (inches or centimeters)
  • If you are between sizes, choose the larger size
  • If your garment measures 25 inches across the chest, you would order a size XLarge because the 51-inch chest would be 1 inch larger than the 50-inch chest of the garment you measured

Again, please note the measures in the charts below refer to the garment, not the person.

So if your garment measures 25 inches across the chest, you would order a size XLarge (51-inch chest).

The Sleeve Length does NOT include the knitted cuff that does protrude a small amount beyond the end of the sleeve.

The drawings show how to measure:

 In August of 2023, WeatherWool began using sizing-guide drawings from Rachael Kranick (RachaelKranick.com). This drawing shows how WeatherWool’s Hooded Jacket is measured


WeatherWool offers a Hooded Jacket made with WeatherWool’s 100% American Merino Jacquard Fabric.  The sizing chart is based on the size of the garment and not the size of the person!


12 September 2023 --- Ralph & Debby