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Garment Size

Our Size Charts show the size of the garment and NOT the size of the person. And we suggest people determine the size garment they want by measuring one of their own garments that fits as desired.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • People frequently come up with really bad numbers when they measure themselves
  • It is fairly easy to measure a garment laid out flat on a table
  • Some people want a very loose fit, maybe even when wearing multiple base layers
  • Some people want a snug fit
  • Some people seek a great deal of freedom of movement
  • "Vanity sizing" is becoming more and more common ... that is ... a size 42 "relaxed fit" pair of pants is not actually a 42-inch waist ... probably at least 44 inches
  • Sizing is variable across manufacturers and brands. There are no strict standards

We are always open to suggestion!


15 April 2021 --- Ralph