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We use abrasion-resistant military hydrophobic thread. Our tailors think we are crazy for the added expense, but we don't want any weak links. There is never any cotton in WeatherWool.

Anefil Nylon Dry is non-wicking bonded nylon designed for exceptional performance and seam strength and made in the USA for the US Army. If it wasn't for the Army, American & Efird would not make this thread in America, and we'd have a real problem. As it is, it's a little tricky for us because the minimum production run for A&E is 3000 pounds ... so when the Army orders 3000 pounds, A&E makes about 30 pounds for us.

The lead time for ordering this thread has been months ... we just have to wait for the Army, basically. But more recently A&E has told us this is becoming a standard item with a short lead time. But more expensive than before. At this writing, we have stocked up, just to be sure. I would go somewhat crazy if thread held us back from making garments.


13 September 2021 --- Ralph