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All our zippers are American-made by YKK in the USA. Even the pulls, which is a whole other issue. There is a huge variety of zippers, many ways to configure them, different materials from which they are manufactured and even different ways they can be operated.

We use Double Zippers on the center front of all our garments except the few, such as the ShirtJac, that have only buttons.   A double zip can be opened at both bottom and top, or either one, or neither.   Any outdoor garment that uses a single zipper is just not a serious garment.   We generally use Vislon zippers because they are more tolerant of grit and cold than metal zippers. Also, Vislon is safer because it does not conduct electricity. We have been unable to find zippers whose performance is guaranteed in temperatures below -20F/-29C, so some of our garments, such as the All-Around Jac and the SkiJac, have storm flaps partly to insulate the zippers.

  • And on the topic of zippers --- here's a great short YouTube tutorial on fixing a zipper slider than is not closing the zipper teeth from Science Sir.


13 September 2021 --- Ralph