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Bob Padula

Bob Padula



Specialties: Breeding Wool Sheep, Wool, Sheep Ranching, Outdoors, Hunting

Bob is the guy who spec’ed out the raw wool that makes our Fabric possible. And then he found that wool and helped us buy it. His involvement was absolutely essential for us because there is far more to know about all this than we knew at the beginning, and actually there is far more to know than we know now! Bob has been working with us since 2010, and he knows our Fabric and the fiber and sheep responsible for it better than anyone else. Padula is a well-known figure in the industry, and has provided his consulting services to ranchers in many states and abroad as well. We have a page devoted to Bob's PM Ranch, and another page on the life of the sheep on Bob's land. Bob is a family man and his wife and daughters are much involved with the ranch. Bob's daughters have also raised prize-winning sheep. Living in Minnesota and spending time outdoors for both work and recreation, Bob knows what cold and nasty weather is and he is uniquely suited to explain why wool works in awful weather and pleasant weather, too. And he is uniquely qualified to speak about the composition of our Fabrics.

Bob is a Sheep Rancher, but not in the conventional sense of the word. Bob is really a breeder of sheep, and his sales of wool are really incidental to his real business, which is the selling of his sheep to ranchers who wish to improve their own bloodlines. For Bob, the wool that we purchase from his is proof of his genetics more than actual product.

In the picture, Bob is working on a single fleece that has just been shorn from one of his sheep.