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Batch 8

PLEASE NOTE: Much of what is written here duplicates what is written about Batch 7 because we had to intermingle Batch 8 with Batch 7 because of the impact of Hurricane Ida.

Rather than repeat it all, please click into Batch 7 for a list of the ranches that supplied our greasy, the yield, the timing, etc.

In the end, we came out fine although we did have an adventure and, for a while, thought we had a serious problem.

We are completing Batch 7 Fabric production as originally planned (but much delayed), and the fiber that is left over from the combined Batches we will call Batch 8.

Batch 8 will be all in our Solid Drab Color. We have not yet decided the mix of MidWeight and FullWeight.

Batch 8 Fiber has already been dyed.


Please click for the page listing all WeatherWool Fabric Batches.


17 May 2022 --- Ralph