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Items that are out of stock will show an online price of 0 to enable backorder.

Backorders carry no obligation.

When we prepare for production, we will contact those who have placed backorders, and they can then confirm, change or cancel the backorder. People who backorder will of course have priority when we fill orders, and backorders are an important guide to our production.

We do not accept advance payments or deposits unless it facilitates the customer  ... for example, someone may need a receipt for an insurance claim. And sometimes, people just really want to prepay ... I do that myself sometimes. But we definitely prefer to not accept advance payments at all.

One thing we CAN do is prepare a customer for SHIP AND PAY ... If you are certain what you want, give us an order, along with your payment information. When we have your garment in hand, we'll ship it and charge your card without contacting you. You can still cancel or change your order anytime.

Please click here for information on the status of our production. We also have a page with a snapshot of our overall inventory on hand.

THANK YOU for bearing with us while we work at filling our backorders and ramping up production! 

Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali

22 March 2020