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With very few exceptions, we do not accept payment until we are ready to ship a garment. But no-obligation backorders guide our future production.

If you are seriously interested in a garment, please place a no-obligation backorder. If you are NOT seriously interested, please don't place a backorder.

The ideal backorder is a SHIP ASAP backorder, which is basically a solid order that we can and will be filling As Soon As Possible.

Website prices of 0 invite no-obligation backorders. A price of 0 means an item/size/Fabric is out of stock or perhaps under development.

Backorders are very important to us, and guide our production. If you are seriously interested in an item for which the price is 0, please place a backorder. If you are not seriously interested, please do not backorder. (Repeating because we get a lot of insincere backorders.)

When the item you've backordered is going into production, we'll post information on the website and social media, and we might contact you directly.

The ideal backorder is also set up as a SHIP ASAP:

  • Place your backorder on this website, or by phone, text, email, social media
  • Then convey to us your payment info and we'll keep your credit card on file. When we ship your order we'll charge your card. You can still change or cancel your order anytime

SHIP ASAP orders save us a great deal of churn, and are filled in priority to other orders (except the very unusual case where we have an advance payment). SHIP ASAP orders are filled before we attempt to contact the other backorders, the large majority of which have turned out to be non-serious.

Advance payments sometimes facilitate our customers:

  • Gift Certificates
  • In the case of trade-ins, people often want a credit instead of a refund
  • An insurance claim (fire or theft) may require a sales receipt

For our normal production items (not items under development), we will quote in the descriptive text on the product page the current price for the garment. And that price will be honored when we fulfill the backorder, even if inflationary pressures require us to raise prices in the meantime.

As we prepare for production, we will contact people with $0 backorders, and they can then confirm (set up SHIP ASAP, hopefully), change or cancel the backorder.  When you order, please provide an email because that is the way we normally will contact you with news of upcoming production runs.

Orders with a total price of 0 are treated by the website very much like other orders, except no payment info is requested:

  • Place the item(s) of interest in your cart
  • Click CHECKOUT
  • Provide contact details, including address, phone and email, please
  • The next screen will say "Your order is free.  No payment is required".  And no payment information will be requested. But you still need to click "Complete Order" to place the order

Please click here for information on the status of our production. We also have a page with a snapshot of our overall inventory on hand.

The website won't be able to show these backorders. If in doubt, feel free to phone, or place another backorder. When we get a 2nd backorder we know it's serious.

THANK YOU for bearing with us while we work at filling our backorders and ramping up production again. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali


16 October 2021 -- Ralph