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No Risk

No-Risk Policy

  • Please try on the wool -- indoors only, please! -- as soon as you receive it, and please decide for certain whether it fits
  • If it does not fit really well, please return it quickly (ship it back within a week) for refund, exchange, whatever. If you keep it more than a couple of weeks, and then decide to return it -- even if you didn't wear it -- we have to treat it as a used garment. You'll still get your full refund, but we'll take a hit
  • If you are highly confident of the fit, then you are good for field testing
  • If it does not fit really well, please don't wear it outdoors at all. Once the wool has been outdoors, or even worn indoors in a strenuous way, it's used. When people ask for a different size after they've been outdoors, the "exchange" costs us over $100

NO-RISK Field Testing: If you are satisfied with the way WeatherWool fits you in your living room, take it out into the field and give it your most severe field tests, for a good while.  If you are not satisfied, return the garment for a full refund. We can't have unhappy customers. And we can't imagine running a clothing company and telling someone who is not satisfied that we won't do a 100% refund. Nobody is ever going to be "stuck" with WeatherWool.

We have made this offer since we started WeatherWool. So far, there have been only a few refund requests, and even these were mainly due to sizing and tailoring issues.

We have great confidence in our products. WeatherWool is the favored garment among some of the most hardcore outdoor people, and should be able to meet your needs. But if not, don't fret it ... just let us know! About the last thing we want is someone unhappy with WeatherWool.

Something else ... if a company does not offer No Risk Field Testing, what are they afraid of? And they'll keep your money even if you don't want to keep their garment? We are doing our best to run "a first class business in a first class way".

Please remember, tho ... we recommend wearing wool base layers (or no base layers). If you are not happy with your field test, you are welcome to a refund regardless of conditions or how you tested. But if you don't wear wool under your WeatherWool, then you have not really seen what wool can do. Many people are so used to wearing base layers of synthetics or cotton they don't realize those materials can severely compromise the performance of any outerwear. Even large companies known for their synthetic outerwear are making and recommending merino wool base layers! We will eventually develop WeatherWool base layers, but until then, our sister company, Alex Outdoors, may be able to help. We're too busy with WeatherWool to do much of anything else, and so we are closing out all inventory on Alex Outdoors ... whatever is still available is offered at bargain prices.

As for testing WeatherWool ... we recommend you wear the wool in all kinds of conditions, activities and social settings. We hear almost daily from people who tell us things like "I didn't think the wool would work for XXX, but it did!". We're not suggesting you take chances with your safety, but try wearing the wool when you think it's going to be too warm, too cold, too wet, etc. Indoors as well as outdoors. You'll likely be pleasantly surprised. Most people can go from hiking at 20F/-7C to a nice restaurant without needing to take off their WeatherWool.

Also, most people buy WeatherWool thinking about outdoor activities, and often automatically assume the wool is not appropriate for social settings. But we've done a lot of testing in shopping malls, business settings, social gatherings and even church and weddings.

A question that comes up occasionally is 'What happens to the items that are returned for refund?' ... The answer is that we put them on our SPECIALS page, marked as USED, at a reduced price. WeatherWool remains in essentially new condition even after a lot of us, so any used items are a good buy. The refund rate is well under 1%, tho ... so the great majority of used items offered are traded in by people who want a different size/color/item.

Lastly ... eventually we will make Base Layers. I don't know if we'll be able to extend this policy to Base Layers because any returned Base Layers would need to be donated rather than sold at reduced price.

4 June 2019