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As of 18 July 2022:

PLEASE NOTE: We continue to do all we can to make our products. But because the US Garment Industry is only about 2% of what it once was, there are very few companies we can work with, and some extreme things have happened the last few years. But we are IN GEAR now, and it looks like the US Garment Industry is growing.

This page tells what we have in stock, ready to ship. Of course you can always also get in touch directly. Anything not in stock will show a price of $0 when you order (which means you are placing a backorder).

We have now:

And for anyone thinking of stopping by (whether on an Open House Day or by appointment), if there is something in particular you want to see, let us know as we may-or-may-not have it on hand.

If we don't have what you want, please place a 0-price, no-obligation backorder, or just let me know what you have in mind. Please visit these pages for information on backorders and production status, and know we are doing all we can to make more WeatherWool!!!

Status of specific items:


  • Anoraks: MidWeight Anoraks, both Solid Drab Color and Lynx Pattern, in all sizes. In FullWeight we have an assortment of other sizes/colors/weights available, but very few
  • All-Around Jackets: An assortment of sizes/colors available, mostly the smallest and largest, but we are in better shape with Black
  • CPO Shirts: Shipping now.
  • Hooded Jackets: Sold out but we are hoping to have them in MidWeight Lynx Pattern in August
  • Mountain Jacket / Ski Jacket: Sold out. Even my own is gone! Hoping to make more by November
  • Mouton Jackets: We expect to make these again by November 
  • Selvedge Poncho: Sold out. Hoping to make more before November, but we have so many other pieces to make ...
  • ShirtJac: New item that we will make ASAP but probably not be shipping until late in 2022
  • WarriorWool Anorak: This is the same item as the Anorak above, but offered through a special program for Military personnel


  • Basic Vest:  Sold out but we are hoping to make them this year
  • Mouton Vest: Made to order and our FullWeight Fabrics will start to come in by August

Pants: Sold out. We won't be able to make Pants until 2023. Sorry.

These Jackets and others are in the developmental Pipeline and we hope to offer them if there is enough interest:


Hats, Hoods:
Sorry, but I can't say when we will make more Hats. They are important and I really want to make them but we have an awful lot of other things to do. I don't see us making Hats until 2023. Hoods are a different story and we will be making Hoods in 2022.

 Additional Items:

  • Blankets: We may soon make some Blankets in MidWeight Lynx Pattern Fabric.  If you want to make a Blanket in any of our Fabrics, please get in touch
  • Gift Certificates: Always available, of course
  • Mouton Hand Muff: On hand now in Black, Drab, Duff
  • Mouton Pelts (whole pelts): We usually have some and more are usually readily available from Nugget, the tannery (contact info on the linked page)
  • Neck Gaiter (Balaclava, Multi-Scarf): Sold out. We are trying to have more of these by 4th quarter of 2022
  • Scarf: Sold out but we are hoping to make a few in MidWeight Lynx Pattern shortly, and are considering again making Scarves in all our Fabrics by 4th quarter of 2022
  • Shemagh: Sold out but we are likely making MidWeight Lynx Pattern shortly and may make Shemaghs in all our Fabrics by 4th quarter of 2022
  • WeatherWool Fabric Samples (Free): Always available
  • WeatherWool Fabric by the Yard:  MidWeight Drab Fabric and MidWeight Lynx Fabrics are available for live order. We hope to have our FullWeight Fabrics also beginning in August


THANK YOU for bearing with us! --- Ralph