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Our inventory is so low at present that it seems worth having a page that snapshots what we have in stock, ready to ship.

If we don't have what you want, please place a 0-price, no-obligation backorder, or just let me know what you have in mind. Please visit these pages for information on backorders and production status.


  • Anoraks: Only about 20 in total ... XSmall, Small, 2XLarge, 3XLarge
  • All-Around Jackets: We have one in size 2X, Solid Duff Color, and one in Size 3X, Solid Drab Color
  • Hooded Sweatshirts: Just one ... size 3X, MidWeight Fabric, Solid Drab Color
  • Mountain Jacket / Ski Jacket: Completely sold out. Even my own is gone.
  • Mouton Jackets: These are made-to-order. But we won't be making more until we have Fabric
  • Selvedge Poncho: Completely sold out
  • ShirtJac: We have one in size 2X, FullWeight, Lynx Pattern, and a dozen in sizes 3X and 4X
  • WarriorWool Anorak: This is the same item as the Anorak above, but offered through a special program for Military personnel


Pants: We have only a few pairs left, all in FullWeight Fabric: Size 44 in Drab;  Sizes 42,44 and 50 in Lynx Pattern

These Jackets are in development and we hope to offer them in the 2nd half of 2020:


Hats, Hoods:

  • Ball Caps: We have Small/Medium in Drab and Lynx Pattern
  • Big Brim Boonie Hat: Drab only, a few in Medium and 3XLarge
  • Boonie: We have a mix of these ... sizes Medium through 3XLarge and colors Black, Drab, Duff and Lynx
  • Double Hoods: Drab only at present
  • Mouton Hat: We have just a few left in Black and Duff Colors
  • Mouton Hood: Made to order, normally along with a Mouton Jacket or Vest
  • Walker Hat: Sizes Medium, Large and XLarge in both Drab and Lynx. Size 2X in Lynx.

 Additional Items:

THANK YOU for bearing with us! --- Ralph


21 March 2020