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As of 4 May, 2021:

Our inventory is so low at present that it seems worth having a page that snapshots what we have in stock, ready to ship.

We have on hand now Watch CapsNeck Gaiters, Mouton Hand Muffs and assorted Hats and All-Around Jackets in Lynx Pattern.

If we don't have what you want, please place a 0-price, no-obligation backorder, or just let me know what you have in mind. Please visit these pages for information on backorders and production status, and know we are doing all we can to make more WeatherWool!


  • Anoraks: Sold out but in production now.
  • All-Around Jackets: Lynx Pattern in stock in most sizes, with more in production. Tailors working on Drab, Duff and more Lynx AAJs now. This is months later than expected, and I apologize for that. If you have paid in advance expecting the AAJ sooner, you are of course welcome to a refund. And this is a great example of why we try to avoid advance payment.
  • Hooded Sweatshirts: Sold out
  • Mountain Jacket / Ski Jacket: Sold out. Even my own is gone!
  • Mouton Jackets: These are made-to-order. We are making Lynx Mouton Jackets now, but have decided to rework the shoulders a little bit. The website has live pricing.
  • Selvedge Poncho: Sold out
  • CPO Shirt: Sold out
  • ShirtJac: New item that we hope to have for Fall of 2021
  • WarriorWool Anorak: This is the same item as the Anorak above, but offered through a special program for Military personnel


Pants: Sold out

These Jackets and others are in the developmental Pipeline and we hope to offer them if there is enough interest:


Hats, Hoods:

 Additional Items:

THANK YOU for bearing with us! --- Ralph


3 May 2021 --- Ralph