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The WeatherWool ShirtJac is pure Merino Jacquard wool fabric, highly weather-resistant and versatile, with a substantial collar, center front secured by Slot Buttons, Handwarmer Pockets, two chest pockets secured by flaps and Slot Buttons.  Adjustable cuffs.  Large handwarmer pockets secured by zippers.


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ShirtJacs are $550 up to Size 2X;  3X, $575;  4X, $600

The ShirtJac, of course, is made with our own Merino Jacquard Fabric, and is offered only in FullWeight Fabric. The somewhat similar CPO is a MidWeight item. Please visit FullWeight-MidWeight for discussion of Fabric weights.

ShirtJacs in stock now:

  • XXSmall:  Drab Green
  • XSmall:  Drab Green; Classic Brown
  • 3XLarge:  Drab Green
  • 4XLarge:  Drab Green

We'll make more ShirtJacs in True Black, Classic Brown, Lynx Pattern and Natural White as soon as we can.  Hopefully shipping September/October of 2024.

Live pricing for ShirtJacs in stock.  Backorder price is 0.  We recommend you upgrade any backorder to SHIP ASAP to reserve.

Model in photos is wearing a size medium.  He is 5'10" (178 cm) and 175 pounds (79 kg).

ShirtJac features: 

  • Front chest pockets (on the outside) with button-down flaps
  • Large Handwarmer Pockets entered by a "slash" at the waist
  • Two very large drop pockets and one large zippered pocket inside faced with wool/nylon blend (Used by the US military for their dress clothes)
  • Center front secured with Slot-buttons
  • Collar can be flipped up or left in the down position, and is substantial enough that if you fold it up you will notice the extra warmth around your neck
  • The bottom of the garment is squared, like a jacket
  • 2 Slot-Button Cuff adjustment at wrist
  • Another slot buttons a few inches (several centimeters) up the wrist so the forearm can be opened or rolled up
  • Sleeves cut long for better coverage 
  • Cut long 
  • ShirtJac in size Large weighs 3.2 lbs (1.45 kg)

If you are interested in a ShirtJac please place an order.

Our ShirtJac is made of our own FullWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric ... soft and tough ... Hardcore Luxury®.


ShirtJac Quality Control

ShirtJac Reviews (these are actually reviews of the CPO Shirt ... BUT the CPO used to be made with FullWeight Fabric, so, I'll keep this link here, at least for a while. Sorry if any confusion.)

Details about WeatherWool Construction

Care and Cleaning

Please note:  What we used to call the "ShirtJac" prior to 2023, we now call a "CPO Shirt".

26 May 2024 --- Ralph and Alex

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Perfectly soft. I have worn it climbing to the top of 375 foot tall towers in 60mph wind at -5F and remain warm, and somehow I don't overheat in a 65F room.

Great for the outdoors and town!

Have been wearing this around town for a while and the compliments are always nice jacket (lynx)where did you get it? But this weekend I got to test it at 32 degrees and sporadic rain. It was amazing. My friends had to get their rain gear tops and I just shed water and stayed warm combined with the lynx standard vest under it and my wool base layer. Now I have to save for a Watch cap and shamagh. Then pants hopefully. Love the wool. Keep up the R&D for new products. I will be back to buy more!

Eric Häggström
Likely the best Jac-shirt / Wool Jacket in Existence

Initially, I first purchased a CPO in Lynx and was highly impressed. I followed up with the ShirtJac....

This is likely the one of the best utilitarian garments manufactured in 2023 period. I can now sell off large amounts of other gear with zero regret.

Lynx looks excellent, the material is sturdy and thick, and the collar... it's perfectly massive and stiff for endless days in the outdoors.

I need my gear to be multi-faceted and extremely deployable in different environments - from coastal Sweden to rural windswept New Mexico.

This piece actually functions rather well in the high-wind conditions of the open mesa where we have temperature differentials of over 30 to 40 degrees F in a day. I find heading out in the morning when its around 25 and windy an easy task with this shirt and then it wears comfortable as the day warms up - only shedding due to not really need a layer and not because I am overheated. I really hate wind and this layer works perfeclty in it.

I am a 40" chest - 6' 3" 180 with a weird lanky body type - this layer fits great in small. Medium would be ideal to layer with but for actually working I can fit a L/S shirt and wool work vest underneath this and I am perfectly layered. I love how long WeatherWool cuts their stuff.

I look forward to taking this piece and all my WeatherWool from the Nordic maritime to the wilderness to city.

Forrest Thryselius-English
Immediately my favorite jacket

Just arrived today and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Haven’t had the opportunity to test it against any real weather (only 55 here this afternoon), luckily it’s still cool enough out to justify a jacket.
Looks, wears and feels great.
Already my favorite piece of cold weather gear.