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Hardcore Luxury®

"Hardcore Luxury" is our registered trademark because WeatherWool garments offer Hardcore performance with a Luxury feel. We strive for versatility in our garments. WeatherWool is chosen for its Hardcore Performance by people facing the most difficult situations ... and is chosen for Luxury by people who simply want to look and feel good when going about normal civilian life

We didn't exactly set out to make luxury garments. But we always intended to make pure-wool Fabric and garments that are a pleasure to wear ... because if garments aren't pleasurable, they don't get worn nearly as much ... and hardcore performance is of no value if the jacket is in the closet when you're in a tough situation. Our Versatility page pictures Hardcore Luxury in some interesting situations.

WeatherWool garments are chosen by Military and others who need truly serious performance and versatility. And those same garments are chosen for comfort, style and luxury in the city.

Our functional specs required development of a pure wool Fabric that felt very soft and comfortable on the skin. If our Fabric was not comfortable, then we would have had to add liners to keep scratchy wool off the skin ... as usual with woolens ... and liners can get you in trouble in adverse conditions. So, we made a Fabric that enabled us to avoid the use of liners. The Fabric we needed did not exist, so we developed a high-performance, pure-wool Fabric that feels great on the skin. We did not intend to create a luxury product, but our functional specs created luxury, although we actually did not see it that way ourselves until people remarked to us that WeatherWool is a luxury product. Sounds strange, we know. But that's the way it turned out. Hardcore outdoors folk have given us a lot of great feedback. Other types of folks have told us our Fabric feels like cashmere but wears like iron. We love that the garments chosen for performance and protection in some of the most difficult circumstances are also chosen for style and comfort on city streets.

Hardcore Luxury® captures the essence of WeatherWool. We invite you to test WeatherWool Hardcore Luxury for yourself. Wear some WeatherWool for a season or two and get a full refund if you want one.


22 April 2022 --- Ralph