Hardcore Luxury® Best Wool in the Woods®

Hardcore Luxury®

WeatherWool garments offer Hardcore performance with a Luxury feel.

We didn't exactly set out to make luxury garments. But we always intended to make Fabric and garments that were a pleasure to wear ... because if garments aren't pleasurable, they don't get worn nearly as much ... and hardcore performance is of no value if the jacket is in the closet when you're in a tough situation. Our Versatility page pictures Hardcore Luxury in some interesting situations.

WeatherWool garments are chosen by Military and others who need truly serious performance and versatility. And those same garments are chosen for comfort, style and luxury in the city.

Hardcore Luxury® is our registered trademark because it captures the essence of WeatherWool. We invite you to test WeatherWool Hardcore Luxury for yourself. Wear some WeatherWool for a season or two and get a full refund if you want one.

Thanks! -- Ralph & Family

15 September 2020