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WeatherWool Merino Jacquard pure wool fabric- Duff, Drab, Lynx, Black



PLEASE NOTE: We don't have any Blankets in stock now. Please indicate your interest in a Blanket by placing an order on this page. No obligation and no payment information necessary at this time.

You are very welcome to order any Blanket -- all prices set to 0 for now --and we'll put you on the list of people to notify when we prepare to make more, hopefully mid-2020. At that time you can confirm, change or cancel your order.

It's a BIG help to us to know in advance what people want, so please don't hesitate to order a Blanket. Here is more information about ordering out-of-stock garments about our production status, and about online ordering in general. --- Thanks -- Ralph

The Blanket story, for us ... We did not plan to make Blankets but people wearing WeatherWool asked for them, and they were very well received.

Andy McMurry, one of our Ranchers, mentioned to us some research that wool's thermoregulatory properties help infants and adults sleep better. We did find a link to a flyer published by Woolmark, a division of Australian Wool Innovation. Studies also indicate that wool helps babies sleep better, offering protection from cold, heat and moisture. We'd be very interested to know about any other studies regarding wool bedding or sleepwear.

Going forward we intend to address Blankets seriously, and we are maintaining an "interested list", which is really the purpose of this page, for now.

Blankets can be made from any of our Fabrics, including undyed MidWeight Fabric (and maybe even undyed FullWeight), which can be left undyed or dyed pretty much any color. Like everything made with our Fabrics, these blankets are not scratchy and most people will find them comfortable against bare skin.

We are not sure when we'll make Blankets, but this is what we have in mind. We don't know what the prices will actually be, so please consider these prices just a general guideline:

  • Swaddle Blanket: 46 inches (117 centimeters) by 46 inches (117 cm) long. $350
  • Crib Blanket: 46 inches (117 cm) wide by 60 inches (152 cm) long. $385
  • Child Stadium Blanket: 48 inches (122 cm) by 52 inches (132 cm). $385
  • Adult Stadium Blanket: 50 inches (127 cm) by 70 inches (178 cm). $415
  • Twin Bed Blanket: 66 inches (168 cm) by 90 inches (229 cm). $700
  • Double Bed Blanket: 80 inches (203 cm) by 90 inches (229 cm). $900
  • Queen Bed Blanket: 90 inches (229 cm) by anywhere from 90 inches (229 cm) to 100 inches (254 cm). We have made these previously, $1000
  • King Bed Blanket: 108 inches (274 cm) by anywhere from  90 inches (229 cm)  to 100 inches (254 inches). $1200
  • Custom Blanket

We are completely out of all our Fabrics except we actually do have a little bit of MidWeight Fabric in undyed / white ... which we could dye practically any color.

Something to keep in mind, also, is that our next bolts of Fabric are expected to be about 54 inches (137 cm) wide ... and so blankets wider than that need to incorporate some kind of design that enables panels of fabric to be joined together, as shown in the photos of the Queen Blankets. So another choice that will need to be made is whether the main panels will be a different fabric/color than the borders, as shown in the pictures.

Just to give an idea ... the only Blankets we've made so far were Queen Size. They weighed about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and cost $1000 each. Blankets that are narrow enough to be made from a single panel of our Fabric (Swaddle, Crib and Stadium Blankets) will incur lower tailoring costs.

Another hurdle we need to overcome is lack of a machine to do the type of stitch we have in mind to join the panels and borders and finish the edges of the Blankets. The tailor who had made Blankets for us sold the machine we were using, but we don't expect this to be an issue once we are ready to make Blankets.

Lastly ... these pictures are very rough. We never intended these pictures to be on the website ... but they'll have to do for now.

We will get Blankets going, and if you are interested, please let us know because that will help make it happen! -- Thanks -- Ralph


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13 May 2020