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Anton Kalland, Outdoors Professional
Anton Kalland, Outdoors Professional
Anton Kalland, Outdoors Professional

Anton Kalland, Outdoors Professional


Sweden, Finland, Northern Europe

Instagram: @PrettyBackward
Youtube:  PrettyBackward

Specialties: Orienting; Primitive Orienting; Woodworking; Wild Edibles; Foraging; Nordic Life; Taiga, Wilderness Guide; Guide; Journalism; Wilderness Skills; Design; Outdoor Gear Design; Outdoor Clothing Design; Clothing Design; Europe; Scandinavia; Sweden; Finland; Weather; Travel; Trapping; Survival; Media; Knives; Instruction; Hunting; Guns; Gear; Fishing; Cold Weather; Camping; Bushcraft; Author

Anton Kalland is a Finnish wilderness guide and journalist who knows the Nordic way of living in the taiga. Every culture has their own traditions of living in the wilderness and in the northernmost Europe those traditions are still going strong.
Anton is a certified wilderness guide with expertise in wild eatable plants, woodworking, primitive orienting skills and arctic outdoor clothing. Anton has a bachelor exam in clothing with focus on designing technical outdoor clothing and gears. He works for different outdoor magazines as a journalist and specialist for clothing and wilderness skills.

Anton tested WeatherWool from the Fall of 2018 until Spring of 2019, and then sent me this note: "It is the best wool jacket I have used and I don’t know if there’s anything to make it better. Maybe the hood could be a little bit deeper to make a wind tunnel around your face when it’s really bad weather. The fabric is outstanding, I have nothing else to compare it with. It’s sturdy and durable. All these words could sound like empty talking but I really think what I say." [We expect he will soon feel it's the best jacket ... instead of "best wool jacket"!] Anton also wrote: "This Anorak is for me a perfect fall to spring all round jacket. I work with it in the woods and go for my hikes. This winter the coldest temperatures wearing it was minus 25 Celsius (-13F). But I look forward going with it to the Swedish mountains in winter time."

Anton is father for two adventurous toddlers and encourages other families (through Instagram account @prettybackward) to teach their kids a real connection to nature. "There’s no better place for hanging with the family than forests." Anton and his family live in a cabin in the woods where they often collect often, mushrooms berries and fish for food and warm the house with firewood they cut themselves.

 Anton knows Finnish, Swedish and English, and Mrs Kalland is from Iceland, so  Icelandic is also not a problem!


4 July 2019