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WeatherWool Advisor Kevin Lee of Alberta, Canada ... the Tree Whisperer

Kevin Lee, The Tree Whisperer


Alberta (Calgary), Canada

KRL Tree Care and Pruning Service

Specialties: Trees; Tree Care; Rocky Mountains; Weather; Backpacking; Southern Alberta; Kananaskis; Winter Clothing; Working Outdoors

Kevin works outdoors, year-round. His 30 years as an Arborist has exposed him to a tremendous variety of weather and he's gone thru a great deal of gear. He's been wearing WeatherWool since 2016.

Kevin's bio:

I'm from Calgary, Alberta, a cantankerous piece of Canada nestled up against the Rocky Mountain Front. Calgary is a turbulent place where major weather systems from the Arctic, Pacific Ocean and the Great Plains constantly quarrel with each other.
My lifelong love of the outdoors began in childhood, with the Front just over yonder the call is hard not to hear. By the end of high school I was doing two week backpacking trips in amazing places like Jasper National Parks Boundary Trail, the West Coast Trail and many days in my home range, the Kananaskis.
When you describe the life outdoors, those who have shared it know it means living in outdoor clothing.  The age of Gore-tex and the charismatic rhetoric of " plastic outdoor gear " is hard to avoid but the sad performance in the field tells another story. For many years now I have worn nothing but wool in any weather.
For a wool lover, finding WeatherWool is a watershed experience, how quickly we hang up a old piece to trade it for something more comfortable, rugged and the real bottom line -safer. When and if you get caught outside in nasty circumstances, you need the best.  That's WeatherWool ... thanks Ralph.



21 June 2020