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JR Morrissey

JR Morrissey

New York City - Manhattan's Garment District


Specialties: All aspects of Clothing Design and Production

Nobody understands how our garments are made better than JR, who is our Design and Production Advisor and Manager. When we create or modify a garment, we tell JR what we want to accomplish and he tells us, from a production standpoint, the best way to achieve our goals.

We worked with several tailors before we found JR. Working with him has made a huge difference for us. JR's company, The Factory8, has a great website. JR has some major corporate clients ... household names. He enjoys working with us because we are a great change of pace, and because helping new companies get rolling is one of his specialties.

JR our ShirtJac, New York City Garment District.

The picture at top left was taken in JR's studio, where JR frequently serves as an ad hoc fit model. Debby (in mirror) and JR are laughing because THIS TIME we knew the Mouton Jacket was RIGHT.

WeatherWool was delighted to contribute our wool scrapes and early development fabrics to Deadstock Love, JR's collaborative effort to help the homeless in NYC.  JR's team made large Mittens from our wool, and distributed them to those in need. Upcycling at its best.

 4 October 2017