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WeatherWool is working on a Pure Merino Jacquard Garment specifically for running, speed-walking, hard-hiking. We gratefully acknowledge the help of Paul Ronto of RunRepeat.com, as well as several others!



I REALLY want to make this! ... A wool shirt for running, speed walking, hard hiking. ... Maybe even for other strenuous activities such as splitting wood with hand tools or moving into a 6th-Floor walk-up apartment.

This page will change regularly while the Runner Design Team develops specs. It's normal to have a lot of ideas for a new WeatherWool product, and the Runner more than other items because we know what Runner is for but we don't know that well what it will look like. The collective back-and-forth of the Design Team emailed ideas is available on this page.

Advisor Jesse Manuta already made for himself, using our MidWeight Fabric, the garment shown below, in which he completed the Grand Canyon Triple Rimmer (50 miles/80 km, 20,000 feet/6000 meters, from Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon, in 21 hours).

WeatherWool Advisor Jesse Manuta made the first version of the WeatherWool Runner himself.  He purchased from WeatherWool some  Undyed MidWeight Fabric then dyed, cut and sewed it.  Jesse added buttons he made himself from mesquite wood he harvested in the desert of Arizona.  Then he wore it to run the grueling Grand Canyon Triple Rimmer!!
WeatherWool Advisor Jesse Manuta in a shirt he made and dyed himself from WeatherWool Fabric. Jesse's work is the starting point for the Runner

We expect to make the Runner from MidWeight Fabric, but someone might want FullWeight instead ... so that is an option. It occurs to us that this piece, in particular, might be made in Undyed Fabric, and people (or maybe us) could dye it almost any color.

You can indicate interest in the Runner by backordering without obligation (price set to 0) from this page. (Latest information about our production is here. Our entire inventory is here.)

Here are the basic design ideas at this point:

Runner will be for running, jogging, speed walking, hard/distance hiking.  Also suitable for general wear and fully in keeping with “Hardcore Luxury”. Wear over one light wool layer in temperatures down to 10F/-12C or so and up to 80F/27C (with no base layer).

  • WeatherWool MidWeight Fabric by default
  • Pullover style with generous-length front zipper for ease of in/out plus cooling. Probably use nylon-coil zipper because it has less bulk than Vislon.  Zipper will be two-way and reach to end of sternum
  • Stovepipe Collar (can protect half the face when turned up) with full zip and face-protector strip (so cold zipper does not touch face and so zipper does not catch beard).
  • Collar must not be tight, but will have an adjustment so it can be made snug. Probably a draw string. Collar adjustment will be independent of the front zipper.
  • No pit-zips
  • We want the garment loose enough around the middle that it moves a little rather than hugging to the wearer
  • Side zippers and catchments as on Al's Anorak
  • Two Napoleon-style (side-entry) zippered front pockets large enough for big phone, keys, ID, money. The pockets create a more general-use garment, and most people want to have a few things even when running. These pockets to be located at either side of the placket.
  • Long sleeves that can be rolled up and fastened comfortably above the elbow. Not sure yet how we will fasten the sleeves when rolled up.  I am wondering about having the sleeves slit from wrist to elbow, with a long zipper closure
  • Sleeves long enough to bring hands inside and leave gloves home.
  • Simple way to tighten cuffs with very little bulk … such as a Velcro® Brand Fasteners “touch fasten” … or maybe a couple of buttons or a combination of buttons and elastic.... Perhaps the old-school solution of a strap and double-d-ring combination to pull it tight. I am not happy with any of the suggestions at this point. It must be easy to snug the cuffs for warmth but it also must be easy to loosen the cuffs and expose the wrists and entire forearm for ventilation. We haven't figured out how to to this yet. Additionally, the cuffs must not flop around at any time
  • Garment can be taken off and worn around waist by fastening sleeves. Perhaps folded in half or rolled up so you could still run
  • Similar length and bottom styling as Anorak … a little longer in back than front, like Anorak, but shorter in front than Anorak so as not to interfere with running
  • Hood that can be attached/removed by three buttons on the back of the collar, like some of our other garments such as the All-Around Jacket. The Double Hood that is made for attachment to our other garments would mostly be too heavy here ... maybe we can have something lighter ... a MidWeight Hood or maybe we can even knit a Hood, but this would be a completely new product
  • Jesse still really wants pit zips. And maybe the production Runner will have them. But we're going to make the first prototype without pit zips
  • Still a question about possible pockets near waist level. In my running days I would put facial tissues there. Always seemed like cold-weather running meant I'd be wiping my nose at some point
  • Unless ordered specially in advance, there will not be a pouch, or a pocket hidden under the front flap. Both of these are present on the Anorak 

Just a wild guess at this point ... I think the price will be around $565.

And not much point in putting up a size chart yet ...

Please click for more info about WeatherWool for Running.

If you have any interest, please let us know. Like always, ideas are very welcome ... doubly so for any Pipeline Product --- Thanks --- Ralph 

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21 September 2021 --- Ralph