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WeatherWool Advisor Dr John Gehm is an audiologist and Renaissance Man in Texas

John Gehm

Texas (Farmers Branch/Dallas area), 972-247-1377

Specialties:  Audiology, Primitive Technology, Survival, Hunting, SCUBA and Archery Instructor, Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers, Martial Arts

Dr John Gehm has been a professional Audiologist since 1970 and has remarkably varied experiences and achievements.   John is a graduate of the Native American Survival School and a member of the Society of Primitive Technology since 1991.    Dr Gehm is a member of several shooting associations, and is an instructor of both archery and SCUBA diving.  John is a Traditional Archer who shoots instinctively. He is also a licensed aircraft pilot and Skipper of an 8.5 Meter S2 Yacht.   Beyond his outdoor pursuits, Dr Gehm is a 4th Dan in Tae Kwon Do and was a member of the United States Martial Arts Team in 1985.  When he's not busy with the foregoing activities, John enjoys designing and making jewelry!  In June of 2017,  John wore his Poncho in New Mexico (pictured).