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WeatherWool Advisor Gjermund Rosholt is a Yukon Hunting Guide

Gjermund Røsholt


Yukon (Whitehorse)

If you would like to contact Gjermund, please let me know, and I will put you in touch with him. Thanks -- Ralph (Ralph@WeatherWool.com, +1-973-943-3110 cell)

Specialties: Hunting and Guiding, Cold-weather comfort, Gear Testing, Wild Foods

Gjermund is a lifelong outdoorsman, working as a guide for one of the best-known outfitters in the Yukon.  Gjermund contacted us in 2014, interested in testing some of our garments, and has witnessed our development (he is the only person wearing WeatherWool Bibs). Gjermund has been a formal tester for several companies, beginning in his native Norway, and his feedback is remarkably precise and detailed. His clothes must handle a wide variety of weather conditions, including wet cold. And his gear must be absolutely silent and reliable. That Gjermund would purchase WeatherWool for his own professional use is a great compliment to us.

15 April 2021