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Jerry Fisk, Master Knife Maker, is a WeatherWool Fan and WeatherWool Advisor

Jerry Fisk, Master Blade Smith and National Living Treasure


Jerry Fisk

Nashville, Arkansas

(870) 845-4456, Jerry@JerryFisk.com
Website:  JerryFisk.com
Instagram: @Fisk_Knives

Specialties:  Knife Making, Knife and Blade History, Outdoors, Hunting, Fishing, Travel

Jerry is one of several Knife Makers and Blacksmiths who wear WeatherWool to protect themselves from heat and sparks in their workshops.

Jerry was named a Master Bladesmith in 1989 and a National Living Treasure in 1989 and his long list of awards can be seen on his website. Jerry is also a very active and accomplished instructor, and many of his knife-making students have themselves won high honors.

Jerry is motivated by the thought that centuries from now, people will know him through his work.


17 June 2020