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Dale Rodefer

Dale Rodefer



Specialties:  Rigging,  All-Around Outdoorsman and Nature Lover, Hunting, Dogs, Very Gear Oriented

Dale said he was interested in our wool because of his work as a head rigger, preparing a very large old civic center for various types of performances.

“Whatever the weather is outside, it is worse in here. We work 20 hour days that begin and end outside.  Last February, it was cold and snowy, when Jeff Dunham's truck opened - inside 8 degree, 30 mph wind cuts us during load in.  By show time, it was 80 with 100% humidity from the hazers and the body heat of 13,000 fans.  Then the show is over, the roll up doors open and it is back to the cold for the load out.  In the entertainment business, the only thing we pause for is lightning.  Wool is what I live in.”   

A pretty amazing line, and I surely never expected anyone would be telling me WeatherWool is great for working indoors. Dale wears our Big Brim Boonie Hat about 360 days a year, indoors and out.   Dale lives in a rural area where he can enjoy his varied outdoor pursuits, raising and breeding his Labs, and working on his 18th Century log home.