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WeatherWool Fabric Batches

Just realized I need this page ... 

It's important that we track the details of each Batch of our Fabric Production Process, and I decided to share this info on the website. We plan to add Fabric Batch Number Tags to all future WeatherWool Garments (except knits, which are produced entirely differently). The Batch Number Tags will be quite small, and bear only the number that specifies the Batch. The Batch Number Tags will be sewn into the garments near the size tags. Batch 5 Garments will be the first of our Garments to bear Batch Number Tags.

The Batches are listed from newest to oldest.  But at present, we are still trying to make Fabric from the oldest fiber (Batch 5) in our possession.

I'll get more information on here soon!

  • Batch 7 ... Purchased April 2020 ... Nothing really on this page yet.
  • Batch 6 ... Purchased October 2019 ... Nothing really on this page yet.
  • Batch 5 ... Purchased April 2018 ... in late 2020, we are getting close to completing work on the Batch 5 Fabric, and really hope we can get the Fabric to the tailors by year-end.


20 November 2020 --- Ralph