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Batch 9

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As of 21 July 2022, we finished putting together all the clips for Batch 9, our largest Batch yet. At 44,582 pounds (20,219 kg) of greasy (raw) wool, Batch 9 is large enough to enable us to do some things that have been on my mind but were not previously possible.

Batch 9 was put together for us by Advisor Mike Corn at Roswell Wool in Roswell, New Mexico. The greasy will stay with Mike until early February, when it will be trucked to Chargeurs in South Carolina for scouring.

Here is a list of the ranches that are represented in Batch 9, listed in order of clip size:

  • Innes Ranch ... Wyoming .. our first wool from Wyoming! And the largest single clip we have ever purchased ... 18,420 pounds (8354 kg), representing 41.3% of Batch 9
  • Cravens Ranch ... New Mexico. Our first time working with the Cravens. We'll get a page up for the Cravens Ranch ... 13,055 pounds (5921 kg), 29.1%
  • Jones Ranch ... New Mexico ... 6266 pounds (2842 kg), 14.1%
  • Corn Ranch ... New Mexico ... Mike Corn, the Corn Ranches and Roswell Wool have been key to WeatherWool since 2010! ... 5239 pounds (2376 kg), 11.8%
  • PM Ranch ... Minnesota, owned by Advisor Bob Padula, has been part of every WeatherWool Fabric Batch! Bob has advised us since the beginning. If we had not ever met Padula, there might never have made anything ... 854 pounds (387 kg), 1.9%
  • Jewell Ranch ... Colorado. We have worked with John and GeorgeAnn Jewell previously. They are mainly breeders, and produce some of the most-desired fiber and stock in the world. Of all the clips in Batch 9, Jewell is the longest, strongest (tie with Innes), finest and cleanest. We would have thought this was impossible!! No surprise, the Jewell clip is also the most expensive in Batch 9 ... 838 pounds (380 kg), 1.9%

As of 6 February 2023, Batch 9 began its journey from the warehouses in Texas (Bollman) and New Mexico (Roswell Wool).


7 February 2023 --- Ralph