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Generous Scarf in Duff Merino Jacquard, with Alpacca blanket stitching
WeatherWool's Merino Jacquard Fabric choices - Duff, Drab, Lynx, Black


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Keep the neck warm and protected from wind and weather.

For us, Scarves were really an afterthought. People would handle our Fabric, then run it against a cheek and say things like “WOW, this is soooo soft! You should make scarves ...”

So, we did make a few, and people did like them. And now we are happy to offer production Scarves. We hope you like them as much as we do.

These Scarves are made with our FullWeight Fabric, and measure 10 inches (25 cm) wide by 76 inches (193 cm) long, although the Black Scarves are a little shorter. The Scarves are available in Solid Colors Black, Drab and Duff, as well as Lynx Pattern.

The Scarves are bordered with our standard merrowing thread, Anafil Nylon Dry, which is very inconspicuous. Exceptionally fine Alpaca Yarn provides the finished look. The merrowing thread does the real work of securing the edges, but it is hard to see. The Alpaca is very decorative, soft and beautiful.

One of our customers tells us he likes to wear the Scarf around his neck and then over the top of his Big Brim Boonie Hat. He mentioned you can see many paintings from the Revolutionary War depicting soldiers wearing scarves over their hats. The Revolutionary years saw some very severe winters. By the way, the Anafil thread is available as American-made only because the US Military insists on it ... and they buy enough to keep the factory going.

  • FullWeight fabric 10 inches wide by approximately 76 inches
  • Finished with fine, un-dyed American Alpaca blanket stitching 

Weighs 12 oz (0.34 kg)

Limited numbers available.

Care and Cleaning

Details about WeatherWool Construction 

13 December 2017