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Batch 7

Batch 7 is WeatherWool largest batch so far! We have not made any garments from Batch 7 yet, except that we needed to use a few hundred pounds of Batch 7 fiber to complete making Batch 5 FullWeight Lynx Fabric.  (Didn't take long for my little plan to get complicated.)

The "greasy" wool (wool as it is sheared from the sheep) for our weft fiber was purchased, as usual, with the aid and guidance of Advisors Bob Padula and Mike Corn.

The greasy was purchased in April 2020, by private treaty with the following ranches:

  • AD Jones:  8174 pounds (3707 kg);  42% of Batch 7
  • M&J Corn:  6815 pounds (3091 kg);  35% of Batch 7
  • Sultemeier Ltd:  3308 pounds (1498 kg);  17% of Batch 7
  • PM Ranch:  965 pounds (438 kg);  5% of Batch 7

Total weight of Batch 7 Greasy:  19262 pounds (8736 kg).

Batch 7 Greasy was scoured by Chargeurs USA in South Carolina. The scouring process removes dirt, vegetable matter, wool grease (crude lanolin) and other debris from the fleece. The yield of clean fiber was 10946 pounds (4964 kg), or 56.8%, which is quite high.

This clean fiber has been shipped to American Woolen in Connecticut, where it is being prepared for dyeing at Littlewood Dyers in Philadelphia.

WeatherWool has always purchased our warp yarn from Kentwool Yarns of South Carolina. The warp yarn will also be dyed by Littlewood.

The dyeing of the wool is by nature a complex process, made more so by the fact that we need Littlewood to create the same colors on two different types of wool. Not only is our weft fiber purchased separately from our warp yarn, but the fiber used to spin the warp has different characteristics than those of the weft yarn. The differences are compounded by the fact that Littlewood will dye the weft as fiber (not yet spun into yarn) and the warp as yarn.

Much more to come as we continue to process Batch 7.


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20 May 2021 --- Ralph